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Whats New

09-09-05 -
08-31-05 - I knew that I would leave a link off my list, and I did. I missed the home of trent's HeroQuest Card Creator. I've added it to the Links Page.

08-30-05 - Added these items:
  • Added some links to Nicodemus's quest packs The Gathering of the Hordes and The Destruction of the Tomes to the New Quests Page.
  • Started the update on the Links Page. I've checked most of the links and took out the dead ones, plus added a few new ones. Note that for some reason I can't get to any of the foreign sites - our web filter keeps denying access because it thinks they are pornography sites! I'll check them on another computer soon & do some updates on them.

    Added to the English HQ Pages:
    • HeroQuest Avenging Sword
    • Gerwin Broer's HQ Site
    • Yronimos' HQ Site
    • Kuster's Gaming World

    Added to the German HQ Pages:
    • Reich der Orks

    Added to Other Pages With Tiles:
    • UKG Publishing
    • Dundjinni
    • 3-D Worlds was moved from 3-D Paper Dungeons and Buildings to this location

    Added to Paper Miniatures:
    • Miniature-games.com
    • Ryderware Paper Miniatures

    Added to Paper 3-D Dungeons and Buildings:
    • Miniature-games.com
    • Games Workshop Ruined Gatehouse
    • Stone Edges, although the dungeons for sale are soon to be redone

    Added to Sites With Painted HQ Minis:
    • The Stuff of Legends

    Added to Warhammer Quest Sites:
    • Slayer's Quest Tomb
08-23-05 - AT LAST - AN UPDATE!!!
After over a year I'm finally updating the webpage. Added four new quests to the
New Quests Page:
Journey to the Bottom of the Crypt, The Stolen Chalice, Verag...Again?, and Tomain Has Risen.