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HeroQuest Links

HeroQuest Instructions and Quest Maps
Hasbro has posted PDF versions the instructions and all the US quests on their website.
Note!!: These are not on my website, and I did not have anything to do with their creation. Also several of these, especially Kellar's Keep, seem to have trouble loading. You may need to 'right click' then 'save as' to get them.

US Version Instruction Manual
 Main Game Quest Book
 Kellar's Keep
 Return of the Witch Lord
 Barbarian Quest (Frozen Horror)
 Elf Quest (Mage of the Mirror)

Links To Other HeroQuest Webpages:

Other Pages With Tiles

UKG Publishing This is the link to their freebies page, they also have tiles for purchase.
 Dundjinni An awesome tile creating program. Very well supported. Check out the forums for some freebie tiles.
 3-D Worlds - has a bunch of tiles made with Dundjinni
 Gridsmith Tile Program - Create your own tiles! This program is no longer updated, but is still being sold.
 Mini Terrain Maker
 Lemonbutter D&D Page
 WotC's Map-A-Week Archive - November 2003 had 4 tiles
 Crooked Staff Productions Dungeon Floorplans and Paper Minis.
 SkeletonKey GamesFreebie pdf tiles to download and tile sets to purchase.
 Wizards of the Coast has several 'Downloadable Terrain' sheets for their Chainmail Game
 The City of Solis
 Dandy D&D Boards
 0one Roleplaying Games Their Battlemaps are excellent tiles. Several of their adventures have tiles in them also.
 Steve Jackson Games

Paper Miniatures

 Ryderware Paper Miniatures
 Brabatini Paper Miniatures Yahoo Group
Lazarus' Lair Paper Figures
 Paper Monsters
 Paper Wars
 Elves of the Silk Road
 Planet of the Paper People
 Star Trek Miniature Maker
 Patrick's Cardboard Warriors
 Cardboard Heroes
 Microtactix Games Their store page is now on RPG Net's Virtual Mall. You will need to page thru to find the items with a $0.0 price tag to download the freebies.
 Paper Wars Heroes
 Greywolf's Ironclaw Paper Accessories
 Greywolf's Paper Hero Fonts
 Campaign HQ
 Express Coach
 Cardboard Heroes
 Vector Heroes
 NPC Has a single Dwarf & SuperHero to download
 Giant Brand Miniatures

Paper 3-D Dungeons and Buildings

EZ Dungeons by Fat Dragon Games
 Miniature-games.com Has both freebie and paid models.
 Games Workshop Ruined Gatehouse
 Stone Edges
 Worldwork Games
 Fantasy Cutouts
 Germs World - 3D Dungeon and Space Station Floors
 3-D Worlds
 Microtactix Games 3-D Dungeons, Space Staions, Indoor, and Outdoor Scenes in the 'Dirt Cheap Scenics section. Click on the 'Freebies' button to go the free downloads
 Wizards of the Coast Foldup Paper Models Archive
 Billy's Shed
 Card Modelling FAQ
 Warmaster Paperware

Pages With Painted HeroQuest Miniatures

Pictormurus Painted Fimir
 The Stuff of Legends
 Miniature Props - No HQ minis, but he created these props to play HQ

Space Crusade Links - this game was another of the Milton Bradley/Bames Workshop collaborations

Space Crusade
 General Freyberg's Battle Group Site
 Cluedo Crusade - a mix of the board game Clue/Cluedo and Space Crusade
 Star Quest - A German Space Crusade Page

BattleMasters Links - this game was the last of the Milton Bradley/Games Workshop collaborations

The Battle Masters Strategy Guide
 The Miniature's Page BattleMasters Rules
 Battle Masters Varient

Advanced HeroQuest Links

Jordon Greywolf's Homepage
 Kaybay's AHQ Page
 Toco's Nest (has scans of the White Dwarf AHQ quests)
 My Quests
 Elements Quest

Dungeon & Dragons Boardgame Links

Official Homepage for the game
 The Grass Room from the D & D boardgame homepage
 The Winged Horse Room from the D & D boardgame homepage
 D & D Boardgame Yahoo Group

Warhammer Quest Links (some have tiles)

Slayer's Quest Tomb
 Chronicles of the Old World and Beyond
 Warhammer Quest: The Museum
 The Dungeon of Muggee
 The Warhammer Quest Archive

Game Accessories (Terrain & Furniture):

Acheson Creations
 Hirst Arts Architecture


A Card Printing Program
 The Net Book Of Plots. Looking for an idea for your next quest pack? This is the place to start.
 Boardgames.pagina.nl A Dutch Games Page.
 Kulkmann's Gamebox A Boardgame site with info on many games
 Hero Machine Create your own Hero portraits.