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HQ Combat Cards Vol. I
Rules by Ron Shirtz
Illustrated by Gerwin Broers
HQ Combat Cards Vol. II
Rules by Jacob Busby
Illustrated by Gerwin Broers
    After you click the link, a new window should appear, and in about 20 minutes the cards will download. Each card set is about 7.5 MB. Be sure to save a copy on your computer for printing. You'll need a copy Acrobat Reader, which you can download from Adobe's Website. (Some gamers reported that they needed to download the latest version of Adobe to open the PDF file.)

    These Combat cards were designed add variety and excitement to combat in HeroQuest. Each Card set contains nine cards for both the Hero and the Chaos sides. These Combat cards are for "Pure" fighter characters only. No character (Except for the Zargon Player) with any magic abilities may use them. Fighter characters may still use potions, scrolls, and benefit from from spells cast on them by friendly Magic users. Many thanks to Gerwin Broers for the superb illustrations he drew for the rules side of the cards! Gerwin is a college student from Holland, and it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway!) a VERY talented artist. You can see more examples of his fine work here.

    Also a round of applause for Jacob Busby from Great Britain, who designed the rules for the second card set. This project has truly been an international effort! While these cards are free for downloading, they may not be sold, distributed,copied, converted, or posted to other web sites without the express permission of Ron Shirtz, Jacob Busby, and Gerwin Broers. All illustrations and graphic artwork on the cards remain the exclusive copyright property of Gerwin Broers and Ron Shirtz respectively.

    Using HeroQuest Combat Cards

    Combat cards are committed by the Heroand Chaos/Zargon player after declaring an attack, but BEFORE the dice are rolled. Combat Cards are then discarded after being played. The following are two suggestions for using combat cards in HQ adventures. All players should agree to which method to use prior to play.

    1. Luck of the Draw

    At the beginning of a game the Hero and Chaos/Zargon players shuffle their respective Hero and Chaos combat card decks. Each Hero player with a "pure" fighter character may draw two Hero Combat cards from their deck. The Chaos/Zargon player draws four cards from his/her deck. At the end of the game all cards are returned to each deck, and all players reshuffle and redraw cards again at the start of a new game.

    2. Gaining Experience

    Each player's first level Hero characters begin with one card of their choice. The Chaos player gets to choose two cards. These cards are permanetly part of each character from game to game. When one player's side has accumulated three wins, they may choose another combat card of their choice. These wins do not have to be consective in order to obtain a card. For example, A player's Barbarian has been in two games where the Heroes defeated the Chaos player. If his/her hero party win the next game, that player may then choose another Combat card to use in future games. if the Chaos/Zargon player accumulates three wins, he or she can draw TWO new cards.

    3. Jacob Busby's Supplemental HeroQuest Rules

    Jacob has designed an excellent supplemental rule system for HeroQuest that includes an advancement system for earning Combat Cards. Check it out at the New Rules Page

    Printing the Cards

    You'll need a copy Acrobat Reader, which you can download from Adobe's Website High-quality paper is recommended for obtaining the best results.If you experience problems printing the cards in color, try printing them in Black & White mode only.

    Assembling the cards

    To save the hassle of using heavier paper stock to print the cards from an ink jet printer,and then gluing each side of the cards together, I'd recommend buying some hard plastic baseball card protecters. Just slide the front and back side of each combat card in the plastic sleeve, and Presto! instant card!


    A lot of effort and time in making these cards. Praise, comments, tactful constructive criticism, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Email Ron Shirtz, Jacob Busby, or Gerwin Broers at gbroers[at-sign]quicknet.nl