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These skills were converted from the Warhammer Quest Rulebook

A Dwarf may advance his stats (see the Advancement Page for more information).

The Dwarf may visit the Runesmith to inscribe magical runes on his weapons and armor. These magical runes can help him during his battles against Chaos.

Dwarfs can learn one skill between each quest. Skills cost 3000 gold coins to learn. The Dwarf must roll 2 red dice. The number beside each skill corresponds to the dice roll. If the Dwarf already knows that skill he may roll again.

Unless othewise noted, a Dwarf may only use one skill per turn and one skill at a time.

2. Mighty Blow
Putting all your strength behind your blow, you bring your weapon crashing down on your opponent's body.

This skill allows you to increase the number of attack dice you roll. Roll 1 red die, if you roll 4-6 you may roll an extra attack die.

3. Killing Blow
You judge the moment to strike perfectly and your blade slips through your opponent's armor, spearing his vital organs.

This skill allows you to kill an opponent with one attack roll. You must declare that you are using this skill before you roll your attack. Then roll 1 red die. On a roll of 6, you are successful and the enemy is killed. On any other roll, your Killing Blow fails and you should roll your normal attack dice.

4. Enraged
Your blade cuts a red swathe through your enemies as your charge into combat in the grip of a boiling fury.

Once per turn, just before you make your attack, you declare that your are using this skill. Roll 1 red die to determine the outcome using the following table:
Dice Roll Outcome
You are so enraged that you attack goes wild and you hit nothing. Your attack fails.
You are very angry, but the anger has little effect on your attack. Roll your attack as normal.
You are completely enraged. Roll 1 red die. You may make this many attacks, but you roll one less attack die than normal for each attack because you are so out of control.

5. Endure
The Monster's attack carves a wound in your chest an inch deep, but, summoning your reserves of willpower, you grit your teeth and ignore the terrible pain.

This skill allows you to ignore the Wounds from a single attack by an enemy that might otherwise kill you. It can only be used if you have no healing potions, and nullifies the monster's attack.

6. Stonemaster
Running your fingers along the wall you find the tell-tale concealed hinge of a secret door.

This skill may only be used once per quest level. Roll 1 red die to determine the outcome:
Dice Roll Outcome
Your searching causes a rock collapse. Roll three attack dice to determine injuries.
Nothing. Your search fails.
You find all the secret doors on this level.

7. Deathsong
Before the fatal blow falls you start to bellow the lament that is your family's deathsong, drawing upon its history and meaning to sustain you.

This skill allows you to survive below zero Body Points by drawing on your inner reserves of strength and willpower. As soon as you lose your last Body Point you begin to sing a fearful, grim battledirge - your deathsong. Rather than dying, you remain standing and can continue to fight. You now have one Body Point. When you are hit while singing your deathsong roll 1 red die. On a roll of 1-4 the blow has its normal effect. On a roll of 5 or 6 you ignore the attack's effects and remain standing with 1 Body Point. You continue to sing your deathsong until all enemies in the room and in line of sight are killed, or you are healed in a normal manner. You cannot use this skill if you have a healing potion.

8. Goldmaster
Your companions declare that they've found all the treasure here and it's time to move on. You're not so sure, and have a feeling you ought to check out that loose stone you saw by the door...

This skill allows you to develop a sixth sense when looking for hidden treasure. When you draw a treasure card showing gold or gems, you may use this skill. Roll 1 red die. On a roll of 1-2, you find nothing (ignore the treasure card). On a roll of 3-6 you find extra treasure - double the amount shown on the card.

9. Grudgelord
You've barely had time to draw your Axe when you realize with anger that the Orc nearest the far corner is the same foul beast that burnt your brother's village to the ground and killed the inhabitants. With no regard for your own safety, you charge directly at it, swearing to avenge your kin.

You bear a grudge against most of the monsters found in the game. As a group of monsters are placed on the board you may declare that you bear a grudge against one, and only one, of them. As long as that monster still lives, you get an extra attack die on all attacks against it. You will always attack the 'grudged' monster first, and ignore all others in the room unless they come between you and the 'grudged' monster. You may use this skill once per quest level.

10. Blood Fever
Your eyes glaze over as your axe swing to and fro wildly, a relentless cascade of blows raining down upon the enemy.

This skill allows you to make a single Blood Fever attack. Roll your normal attack dice. If you succeed in killing the monster, you may move 4 additional squares to another monster and make another Blood Fever attack. If you fail to kill the monster, you may try again by trading one of your defense die for an extra attack; otherwise your attack ends. Roll all your attack dice on this extra attack. You may try again on this enemy or another as long as you have defense dice to trade. If you succeed in killing the monster with this extra attack, you may move 4 squares and attack again. Your attack continues until you fail to kill an opponent. You lose the traded defense dice only until your next turn, even if no attacks are made against you before then.

11. Tunnel Fighter
Having trained in the claustrophobic caverns of nearby caves in your youth, the cramped conditions of the dungeon corridor causes you no problems at all.

This skill gives you an extra attack die when fighting in corridors.

12. Trade Master
Deciding against your usual supplier of axes you search out a little backstreet market stall selling comparable goods but much more cheaply.

This skill gives you a canny eye for searching out bargains. When purchasing an item, you roll 1 red die. On a roll of 5-6 you may buy as many of the item as you wish for half price. You may only use this skill once per trip to the Armory or Potion Shop.