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Finding HeroQuest On The Internet

HeroQuest Instructions and Quest Maps
Hasbro has posted PDF versions the instructions and all the US quests on their website.
US Version Instruction Manual
Main Game Quest Book
Kellar's Keep
Return of the Witch Lord
Barbarian Quest (Frozen Horror)
Elf Quest (Mage of the Mirror)

Milton Bradley produced 6 quest packs for Hero Quest. Four were released in the U.S. - Kellar's Keep, The Return of the Witch Lord, Quest Pack for the Barbarian, and Quest Pack for the Elf. Two were only released in Europe - Against the Ogre Horde and The Wizards of Mocar. MB also released the Adventure Design Kit in Europe. Kellar's Keep and Return of the Witch Lord can often be found for sale on the Internet. The Elf and Barbarian packs are harder to find, but do come up several times a year. The European releases are very hard to come by.

A good source of figures for your own quests is from other games. Some you might want to look for are: Battlemasters, Lionheart, Advanced HeroQuest, DarkWorld, DragonStrike, and Warhammer Quest. Buying an extra copy of the basic HeroQuest game is another good source of figures.

Games Workshop's Citadel Miniatures produced the figures for HeroQuest, and now produces many 28 mm figures for Warhammer that can be used in HeroQuest. There are also several smaller figure companies that produce 28 mm figures.

If you are looking for these, or for the basic game, some good places to try are:

Ebay's search page. Ebay is an online auction house that often has HeroQuest and Warhammer items, and sometimes some of the other games listed above.

Google Advanced Groups Search page. Try searching with the forum = rec.games.* This will cut some of the clutter. Once you get a list, click on the 'date' field to sort entries by the date entered.

On both of the above pages, try searching several ways. For instance HeroQuest items may be listed as heroquest (1 word) or hero quest (2 words).

Games Workshops Home Page. Huge selection of miniatures, plus the boxed game Warhammer Quest.

Barter Town. Barter Town is for people wanting to buy, sell, or trade Games Workshop items.

For more miniature pages, look on the Links Page under Minatures.

NOTE: - I am in no way connected to any of the above companies, nor with anyone selling or auctioning items on the net. You deal with them at your own risk, and I assume no liabilty for their actions.