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HQGM v2.6 (3.8 MB)
Installation: run hqgm2_5.exe. If you get *.dll missing you must install VBRun60.exe - see below.

HQGM v2.5 to 2.6 update (578Kb)

HQGM Item maker v1.6 (34Kb)
Installation: included in HQGM download
Read more about it here

VBRun60.exe from microsoft
Only needed if HQGM won't start because of missing dll.

HQGM Version History

v 2.6 2003-07-24

bullet- Added plot generator to properties window in edit mode
- Vastly improved the load time of the editor when first loaded
- Fixed missing trap check upon drag-drop of hero
- Fixed intro arrows visible during play
- Fixed fimir upgrade error
- Fixed a reveal map error
- Fixed wandering monster error for 1 monster
- Fixed blocked square when Ice gremlin flees

v 2.5 2003-03-03

bullet- Added Load/Save game in progress feature.
- Changed AI handling of some spells
- Replace Monotype corsiva font with "Zapf chancery" and "Caxton".
- Switched images for 2 WoM wizards
- Fixed options screen.
- Fixed error in item maker when creating a Hero
- Fixed spellcasters being duplicated when drag/dropped

v 2.4 2003-01-14

bullet- Started using a patch maker to reduce download of upgrades.
- Updated install program to correct faulty font installation on some machines.
- Small tiles can now be placed on larger tiles except for the topleft corner of the large tile.
- Added auto spell casting for chaos summoning spells and Escape spells.
- Added Difficulty percentage for easy adjustment of quest difficulty.
- Fixed add spells missing overwrite problem.
- Fixed close program problem.
- Fixed drag player/monster from/to trap square.
- Fixed spellcasting in NON-AI mode
- Changed ATOH6 wandering monster

v2.3 2002-12-22

bullet- Monster AI (optional)
Goal-oriented movement
Auto attack rolls
semi-auto defense rolls
simple tactics including "hit&run"
Various combat sounds

- Custom monster feature
- Add monsters as players
- Add monsters via rightclick menu
- PBEM mode removed from HQGM
- Improved wandering monster auto-placement
-Several minor fixes.

v2.2 2002-09-20

bullet- Quest features: 
Dialogue, conditional trigger, add/replace objects at runtime.

- Treasure cards implemented (optional)

- Minor tweaks:
View toolbar removed from view menu
Next player button visible in HQGM mode.
Improved line of sight algorithm.
Included stats in tooltip on monsters
Reduce Monster BP deducts 1 bodypoint
dblclick monster reduces 1 body point
Monster is killed when it reaches 0 body boints
Rotate players button in options box
several graphics added/improved.

v2.1 2002-04-18

bullet- Suggest filename upon first save.
- Several tiles/traps/doors added
- fixed drag comment fault
- fixed "attack player" rightclick menu in HQGM mode
- fixed Click without image in editor disables editor
- fixed run time error control 151 doesn't exist.
- fixed furniture disappears under tiles in editor.
- wandering monster auto-listed in beastiary if found
- Increased no of objects allowed

v2.0 2002-04-12

bullet- Play-by-mail features (see instructions for details)
- Improved door visibility
- Beastiary improved with scrollbar
- Started adding a few sound effects
- Added (P)revious player change
- Added new Traps 
(Stalactite, wandering monster, Slippery Ice, Fireblast)
- Added new trap attribute (wandering monster)
- "Fog of war" feature.
- True line of sight.
- Increased error checking all through the program.
- New installation program

v1.01 2002-02-02

bulletSetup of v1.0 failed on some computers due to DLL conflicts. These conflicting DLL's have been removed in this version. Also added is the Monotype Corsiva font used in the application.

v1.0 2002-02-02

bulletVarious minor fixes and repackaged. Does not include quest packs

Standalone v0.9 2002-01-31

bulletThe first test (but fully functional) version of HQGM. Principle is the same as the previous excel version but the looks and ease of use has improved markedly. Included in the package is:
3 quest packs (basic, Kellar, Ogre Horde), 24 furniture pieces, 5 hero types, 42 monsters, 52 spells, 17 tiles and 16 traps.

Item maker Version History

v1.6 2003-03-03

bulletFixed error code 434 when creating a hero.

v1.5 2003-01-08

bulletAdded support for AI parameters used in monster creation.

v1.1 2002-04-12

bulletAdded support for new trap feature "wandering monster".


v1.0 2002-03-19


The Item maker is a small add-on utility for HQGM. It allows you to create Heroes, Monsters, Tiles and traps for use in HQGM.