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Instructions: PBEM

As of version 2.5 you can load/save games in progress. This opens up for interrupting your game sessions or even more significant, allows you to Play-By-eMail.

On this page you'll find some suggestions for PBEM.

You could play in different styles depending on preference - With AI ON or OFF, with or without a dedicated human Gamemaster and with/without computer drawn treasure cards.

Either way you will probably want to supplement the saved game by notes in the email telling the others of your dice rolls, actions and current status.


With AI on you won't be able to save in the middle of Zargons turn. So when the last player has processed his steps, the monsters will act. Due to the random nature of their attacks you cannot recreate Zargons actions by loading the game again. You must therefore decide who will view and monster attacks and inform the other players of the events.

With AI off you can save during Zargons turn but will have to agree on how monsters behave and who will move the monsters around.

Dedicated human gamemaster

With a "real" gamemaster you can play as you're accustomed to with that person being the "god" deciding on all monster events and passing out rulings. He may even decide to beef up the game during play by adding more monsters or such.

Treasure cards

These can be computer drawn or manually drawn. The other players won't be able to verify what card has been drawn by the computer, but that goes for manually drawn cards too. You could decide that a human gamemaster draws all cards.

Sample turn

Heres a sample of a PBEM turn with the 4 original characters and Zargons turn included.

Player1: Barbarian opens a door and discovers 2 Orcs. He charges the nearest and kills it.
(save, next player)

Player2: The Elf tries to come to the Barbarians aid but only rolls 4 and cannot reach the room.
(save, next player)

Player 3: The Dwarf attacks the remaining Orc but fails in his attack.
(save, next player)

Player 4: The Wizard is still in another room and uses the time to search for treasure. He draws a Wandering monster card. He uses the "add wandering monster" from the rightclick menu and is attacked immediately by a Fimir, but defends the attack.
(save, Zargons turn)

The human gamemaster watches as the fimir attacks the Wizard again with 2 skulls and the Dwarf is attacked by the Orc with 1 skull. He mails the players telling them this, but since neither attacked player could die from these attacks he lets player1 know he can continue with his turn immediately. The dwarf and Wizard simple inform the others of their defense rolls, current BP etc.