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Instructions: Editing

To create a new game press the 'new' button.
To edit an existing game, load it and press the 'edit' button.

The game board and the toolbox are now shown.
The toolbox contains the objects you can use in your quest. They are divided into the categories doors, furniture, miscellanous, monsters, tiles and traps.

!IMPORTANT! each quest must have a starting location so place that first from miscellanous-start. You can up to 4 starting points. Players will be spread evenly between the starting points. Good for divide and conquer strategies :-)

Other than that you are free to design your quest. There is a limit of 225 objects, so dont go bananas.

To add an object select it from the toolbox and click on the square you want it. Some objects require inputs from you (such as traps, spells).

To remove an object click on it's square (the top-left corner square) with the same object selected or replace it with another object from the same category. 

small Tiles (one square wide or high) can be placed on top of larger tiles allowing you to place a rock blockade on a larger floor tile. Only exception is the top-left square of the larger tile.

will display their message as a tooltip if you hold the mouse directly over it. To delete/replace them click somewhere else on the  same square.

Doors, Tiles and Furniture can be rotated after you have selected them in the toolbox by right-clicking with the mouse.

You can combine objects on the same square if they are from different categories.

Quest title, Author, Introduction and epilogue are edited by selecting file-properties from the menu. from here you can generate a random introduction by pressing the generate button.

Save your quest by pressing the 'save' button.

Test the difficulty of your quest by pressing the 'info' button. A quest score between 50-80 is adequate for a party of 4 rookie heroes.