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Morcar Von Zargon
by The Scorpion

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it was known that Morcar von zargon had magical gifts at his birth. on the night he was born a demon came to earth and touch the forhead of zargon. zargons mother died of fright from this. his father died later when he tried to battle the demon. the demon then took the guise of a young maid and ran and laid the baby at the door of mentor's study. mentor was a kind man. but also very wise. and used magic to learn about zargons birth. but mentors heart got the better of him and he raised zargon. thinking he could convince him to battle against chaos instead of for. mentor was wrong. when zargon grew older he wished to know more and more about magic. at first this did not alarm mentor. but when zargon wanted to learn dark magics mentor told him he would no longer teach him untill he got these foolish ideas out of his head. zargon that night crept into mentors study and opened loretome. the book was to much for zargon. and blinded him and crippled one leg. mentor hearing a noise ran to see zargon. hurt and wounded. mentor took pity. but zargon did not want pity. he was enraged that he could not use the magics of loretome and the next day. he summoned a demon to take him away. the demon took him to the chaos wastes and bound himself into zargon. zargon now with the soul of a demon as well as his own inside him. had more magic even then mentor. and was soon known through the land as the most powerful wizard in the old world. he gained land and apointed himself the title of baron, though he does not know wether his parents were royalty or not. and then. he tried loretome again and went to mentors study and stole the old book. the very fabric of the world trembled at this and mentor flew after him when mentor found zargon he was peering over the books with several monstrosities around him zargon raised his hand at mentor and shot forth a bolt of black magic at him witch mentor could barely counter. zargon once again tried to cast magic from loretome. and once again loretomes magics atacked zargon. this gave mentor the opurtunity to grab loretome and cast escape. zargon realised if he could still not use loretome he would need help. he gained the service of the witchlord. and apeared to the orcs as a new leader. and banded all the orc tribes togethor, he gained the help of ogres and beasts of the frozen borderlands. with his new armys and the dark gods and there demons on his side. zargon started to level the citys of the empire. yet still with all his power. he swears one day to hold the power of loretome. the only thing that seems to be out of his reach.

the demons name is zargon and the morcars is morcar. von means of a part of or conected to in german. the empire in old world are germanic/french people. so the name morcar von zargon. is morcer(the wizard) von(conected to "of") Zargon(the demon) this is taken somewhat out of context. throw it up to morcars twisted sense of humor though.

Interpretation of story by
Carl "The Scorpion" Heyl

Special abilities
Spellcaster - Zargon can cast any spell in heroquest. chaos earth fire water air elf and even the mages of morcar spells if you use them any spell used in your game zargon has and can cast any number of times. but still once per turn

Zargon is a difucult fight. but in no way does beating zargon end the game. zargon is a servant to dark gods. who will continue to try and conquer the old world way after zargons death. Zargon ability to cast so many spells any number of times is his real danger. if a hero damages him he just lets out with a heal spell. so bassicaly zargon must be destroyed in one hero partys turn

Sugested Miniature
Chaos warlock. any cloaked wizard.