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Converted from 'The Elf Wardancer', a Warhammer Quest Profession by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock

Among the Elves there are a select group of warrior-troubadours known as Wardancers. They are exceptionally agile and graceful Elves whose endurance surpasses even that of others of their ancient race, capable of amazing, acrobatic feats.

They have a unique style of combat that combines the grace and beauty of dance with deadly precision, unnerving their opponents as they bound and leap into combat. They do not train in the use of the bow or in magic as most Elves do, but make up for this with their mastery of hand-to-hand combat techniques.

Wardancers decline the use of armor or shields, feeling that these hinder their more active attack style. Wardancers can use any type of weapon that can be used by an Elf. A Wardancer may also use paired weapons - a weapon in each hand - to gain two attacks per turn. In this case, each weapon must be usable in only one hand, and any extra long weapon that allows the user to reach into an extra square, such as a halberd or a spear, cannot be used.

If a Wardancer has a weapon in each hand, he does not have a free hand to use a potion. To do so, he must either drop a weapon, in which case it cannot be picked back up until the current combat phase is over, or else spend a turn sheathing a weapon, during which no attack can be made. If a Wardancer using paired weapons loses all his Body Points and must drink a potion in order to survive, a weapon of the Wardancers choice is considered dropped.

Wardancers are rare among the ranks of adventurers, for they are more at home in the forests than in a dungeon's dark passages. However, some among their number have reason to use their skills in order to battle the forces of Chaos, to recover lost treasures, and to discover what secrets might be found below.

Wardancers Stats:
Movement: 2 red dice
Attack Dice: 3
Defense Dice: 2
Body Points: 7
Mind Points: 6

Wardancers are always Elves


Wardancers train at the Heroes Guild the same as regular Elves to increase their stats (see the Advancement Page for more information). They do not cast spells, so do not train in spellcasting.

Starting Equipment:

1 Potion of Healing (heals all lost Body Points when taken)
1 Broadsword
No Armor.

Special Skills:

The Wardancer starts questing knowing two skills: Leap and The Dance of the Whirling Death.

Leap Once each turn, the Wardancer may leap two squares in any direction, ignoring any obstacles in the space in between. This counts as one square of movement.

Dance of the Whirling Death At the start of the turn, the Wardancer may use the Dance Of Whirling Death. When using this skill the Wardancer enters into a frenzy of bloodlust and may strike with 2 attacks against any one opponent. The frenzy hinders the Wardancers defense capabilities, and defends with 2 fewer defense dice. Once this attack has been selected, the Wardancer must continue the assault against this monster until it is either dead or runs away. When this happens the Wardancer may choose to continue the assault against a new opponent or choose a new attack mode.

In addition, the Wardancer may learn these other skills at the Heroes Guild for a cost of 3000 gold coins. The Hero then rolls two red dice, and learns the skill corresponding to the number rolled. If the Hero already knows that skill he should roll again. A Hero can use only one skill per turn. Some skills can last for more than one turn. If a Hero is using one of these skills, he may not use another skill until the first wears off.

2.Spiral Coil
Your enemy leers at you, certain of success against such a comparatively small and weak opponent, but you retain your cool. Immediately, you begin to sway and dance about, prompting your enemy to laugh...that is, until he attempts what he thought to be an easy shot with his axe, only to find it slicing through empty air.

Your Wardancer may elect to spend the turn doing the Dance of the Spiral Coil, during which he may make no attacks. Your warrior is impossible to hit with missiles or hand weapons during this turn by any enemy, though still vulnerable to spells. The effect lasts for the entire turn against any number of attacks made against the Wardancer.

3. Balance
Approaching the chasm, you easily stroll across on a solitary rope, while your comrades watch in disbelief.

For any hazard that involves a chance of falling that a Hero must roll dice to determine the outcome, such as walking across a swinging bridge, the Wardancer may re-roll an unfavorable result, though he must keep the second roll whether for better or worse. In addition to this the Wardancer has a chance to avoid any pit trap or any thing else that a Hero would normally fall into with no chance of avoiding. The Wardancer rolls one red die, and on a roll of 5-6 avoids falling. Lastly, the Wardancer may use this skill when leaping across a pit. When this is done, he always makes the jump and never falls into the pit.

4. Whispering Wind
Moving like the wind, you effortlessly slip past your enemies to reach the spot that you have chosen to do battle, even performing such feats as dancing across their spear-tips in order to do so.

When moving your Warrior, you may use this skill to pass through spaces occupied by enemy figures as if they were not there, so long as your final position leaves your Warrior's figure in an open space.

5. Dodge
Relying on your natural agility, you deftly sidestep the attack.

Whenever an opponent hits your Wardancer, he may attempt to dodge the blow, causing it to miss completely. Roll one red die. On a roll of 5-6, the skulls the monster rolled have no effect. This skill may be used to nullify the attack of a single monster

6. Concentrated Attack
Making the most of your finely-honed precision, you focus on bypassing your target's defenses.

The Wardancer uses all his training and skill to penetrate the monsters defense. He may attack with +2 extra dice, but defends with 1 fewer die.

7. Taunt
Your skill as a performer is not restricted to acts of beauty and grace. You are also a master at the art of the insult, to take advantage of the carelessness brought upon by anger.

When used, this skill allows your Wardancer to try to taunt a single Monster. The Wardancer and the Monster should each roll one red die and add this amount to their Mind Points. If the Wardancer's number is higher, the Monster becomes so enraged with his taunting that it rushes to attack, ignoring all other Heroes in the room. The anger causes the Monster to lose a defense die.

This skill is useless against the Undead. Animals, such as Bats, Rats, Wolves, and Spiders, are still affected even though they speak no language, as the Elves are closely attuned to nature and to beasts.

8. Woven Mist
You bob and sway in an unpredictable yet mesmerizing fashion, dodging blows while looking for openings in your enemies' defenses.

If your Wardancer elects to use this skill, he may still attack normally, but before a Monster attacks him during its turn it must roll one red die. On any roll except for a 5 or a 6 the Monster misses and does not even roll its attack dice. On a 5 or a 6 the Monster rolls its attack dice as normal. This skill may only be used once per quest level, and lasts until the end of the current combat phase.

9. Evade
Nimbly stepping to one side, you dodge the incoming sword, flinching slightly as the razor-sharp blade whistles past your ear and buries itself in the table next to you.

This skill gives your Wardancer the ability to dodge incoming blows by stepping to one side. If a Monster successfully hits your Hero, roll one red die. On a roll of 1-4 you are hit as normal. On a roll of 5-6 you can evade the blows by stepping into an empty adjacent square. If there are no adjacent free squares your Wardancer must take the blows as normal. This skill may be used to nullify the attacks of all monsters during a turn. Roll one red die for each monster's attack you are evading.

10. Transfix
As your sword flits and darts about, there are momentary flashes at regular intervals as it reflects the faint light of the lantern. Using this to great effect, you see the monster before you start to slow as it is entranced by the display.

After the first turn of combat with a given Monster, you may attempt to Transfix it in combination with your normal attacks. You and the Monster must both roll one red die and add this amount to each of your current Mind Points. If your Wardancer's number is higher than the Monsters, it is entranced during the current turn and rolls 1 fewer attack and defend dice, while your Wardancer can roll an extra attack die against the Monster. If the Monsters number is higher, there is no special effect, but your Wardancer may still attack as normal.

11. Doomstrike
Summoning all your strength, you bring an awesome blow crashing down upon your opponent.

This skill allows you to roll 3 extra attack dice for any one attack. It may only be used once per quest level.

12. Parry
With a practiced maneuver and a deft flick of the wrist you hook your sword around your enemy's weapon and twist it down and to one side.

This skill allows you to parry an incoming blow. When an enemy makes a successful attack against you, roll 1 red die. On a roll of 1-4 you take the damage as normal. On a roll of 5-6 you turn away the blow and it causes no damage.