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Converted from 'The Knight Templar', a Warhammer Quest Profession by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock

There are many Heroes who take up the call to arms to defend the Empire from the forces of Chaos. The Knight Templar is one who has devoted his life to this purpose as a service to his Deity, possibly having started preparing for this role even in childhood.

Knights Templar are knights in shining armor, steadfastly resisting the forces of Chaos, and epitomizing the virtuous and heroic lifestyle. They follow the code of chivalry, protecting the innocent, helping the downtrodden, and showing respect even to their enemies. They never attack the defenseless, and make no attempt to take their enemies by surprise.

Knight Templar Stats:
Movement: 2 Red Dice
Attack: 3 Attack Dice
Defense: 3 Attack Dice
Body Points: 8
Mind Points: 2

Knights Templar are always Human.


Weapons - Knights Templar start of questing with a broadsword.
Armor - Knights Templar start of questing with no armor.
Holy Symbol - The Knight Templar begins questing with a Holy Symbol, that may be used one time to paralyze all Undead in the same room or passage as the Knight. Roll 1 red die to see how many turns they are paralyzed. The paralyzed monsters may not defend, attack, or move. Once the symbol is used it should be marked off the Hero's sheet.


The Knight Templar may train at the Heroes Guild as a Barbarian to increase his stats (see the Advancement Page for more information).


The Knight Templar begins questing knowing the Call Upon Deity skill.

Call Upon Deity
Once per quest level, the Knight Templar may call upon his Deity to prevent a catastrophe or to ensure success. An attack that has struck the Hero may be averted, nullifying all skulls rolled, or the Hero may guarantee success on a red die roll.

In addition, the Knight Templar may learn these skills at the Heroes Guild for a cost of 3000 gold coins. The Hero then rolls two red dice, and learns the skill corresponding to the number rolled. If the Hero already knows that skill he should roll again.

A Hero can use only one skill can be used per turn. Some can last for more than one turn. If a Hero is using one of these skills, he may not use another skill until the first wears off.

2 Resist Magic
The Chaos Sorcerer sends a bolt of screaming energy straight for your heart. You steel yourself, confident in your virtue to defend you against this power of corruption.

When using this skill, your Knight may resist the effects of all magic cast against him during that turn. When a spell is cast, you roll one red die. On a roll of 4-6 on a red die, the spell is resisted.

3 Endure
The Monster's attack carves a wound in your chest an inch deep, but, summoning your reserves of willpower, you grit your teeth and ignore the terrible pain.

This skill allows you to ignore the Wounds from a single attack by an enemy that might otherwise kill you. It can only be used if you have not healing potions, and nullifies the monster's attack.

4 Courage
Despite the horrific visage of the foul spawn of Chaos that looms before you, something stirs within you, suppressing your fears as you remind yourself of your ultimate goal.

This skill allows you to reroll a failed Fear roll.

5 Shield Wall
You barely manage to turn the blow as it slams towards you, glancing it off your shield with a flick of your wrist.

This skill allows you to catch the impact of a single blow on your shield, deflecting all the damage that it may have caused. If you roll no shields on a defense roll, you can use this skill to block all skull rolls your enemy made on the attack. It can only be used once per quest level, and only if you have a shield.

6 Holy Warrior
The spirit cackles as your comrades' blades sweep through its form, doing no more damage than to the air itself. Its cackling stops momentarily as you reach out with your hand and grab it by the throat.

When using this skill, your Knight Templar may roll an extra attack die against Undead enemies.

7 Turn Undead
As you slice through yet another of the walking dead, its comrades' eyes show a glint of fear, something not normally found in such mindless blasphemies. They turn and flee, some crumbling to dust as the magicks which held them together disperse.

Once per quest level, your Knight Templar may use this skill against any group of undead. Roll one red die for each Monster. On a roll of 6, the Monster is destroyed.

8 Resist Corruption
The sludge drips off your armor, not even a drop clinging to you. In seconds, your armor gleams once more as if it had just been polished.

When you invoke this skill, disease does not affect your Knight Templar.

9 Healing Touch
With fervent prayers, you call upon your Deity to heal your wounded comrade.

Your Knight may use this skill to heal himself or any other Hero in an adjacent square. It may not be used while there are Monsters in the same room or corridor as your Knight Templar, or against a Hero whose Body Points are at zero. Roll one red die, and up to this many of Body Points are restored, not going past the Heroes maximum.
This skill may be used once per quest level.

10 Holy Aura
A light from some unknown source momentarily bathes your Warrior as he enters the chamber, and the foul creatures of darkness shrink back in fear.

Your Knight Templar may use this skill once per quest level to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. All Monsters in the same room or passage as him suffer lose one attack die on all attacks made against your Knight.

11 Favor
Your Deity must be smiling upon your, for the dungeon has presented fewer hazards than you expected.

Once per quest level, you may use this skill to remove a trap from the board - even after it has been sprung. Roll one red die, on a roll of 5-6 the trap is removed.

12 Hatred Of Undead
You feel a burning in your soul as you spy these foul blasphemies, and you know that you must end their existence.

Your Knight Templar has a righteous hatred of all undead monsters, gaining an extra attack die when using this skill. His hatred blinds him to attacks, though, and he also looses one defense die.