Finding HQ


by Brady O'Malley

You are the Ranger. You are the archer of archers. You may use any weapon. With any type of bow you get plus one attack die. You may wear any armor but plate mail. You work for the Empire as one of the elites, therefore if you complete a quest you get 250 gold no matter what. You may shoot through occupied squares.


Attack Dice:

3 with bow
1 when attacking in adjacent squares

Defend Dice:


Body Points:


Mind Points:



2 Red Dice

Starting Weapon:

Shortbow, Dagger

Starting Armor:

Leather Armor


Human or Elf

Training: The Ranger may train as the Race that they are.

Special Abbilities:
The Ranger has certain abillities that only the Ranger may use. The Ranger may pick one of the abillities to start with. All others must be "learned" at 1000 gold each.
  1. Sure Shot
    If the Ranger rolls all skulls on the attack die then the enemie gets one less defend dice. If the monster only has one defend die then he may not defend himself. This skill only works when shooting bows.

  2. Venom Arrow
    If the Ranger lands at least one skull on his attack dice then it automaticly inflicts one additinal wound. The ranger may only do this once per battle.

  3. Flame Arrow
    The Ranger may roll two additional attack dice. Doing this takes one additional round to light the arrow. This may only be used 8 times a quest.

  4. Frozen Arrow
    The Ranger was tought a little of the aracane arts of magic. Through the teachings the Ranger learned how to summon forth the cold of the winters. Using this arrow the Ranger may freeze the enemy for one round. The frozen enemy may not move or attack on its next turn.

  5. Harpoon Arrow
    The Ranger uses one of his more unorthodox methods. He ties a string to his arrow and shoots it at his enemy. Roll one red die. On a 4-6 you hit, but you must roll another red die. On a 5 or 6 the Ranger has flung the monster against the closest wall. Roll the normal attack dice for the bow, and +2 more if the monster hits the wall. The monster may roll its normal defense dice. This may be used 10 times a quest.

  6. Earth Shaking
    The Ranger summons the thunderous powers of the heavens to shove his enemy. When the Monster is hit it sends him back as far as he (it) can go. The attack sends the enemy flying into a wall, knocking the enemy unconsious. Follow the same profile as the Sleep Spell. This may only be used 5 times a quest.

  7. Guided Arrow
    Plain and Simple the arrow is guided to enemies that the Hero cannot see. The arrow may turn corners, go through doors, and go through occupied squares. The arrow does no additional damage. This may be used with Venom, Cold, Fire, and Nova arrows.

  8. Nova Arrow
    The Ranger picks one square. All Squares adjecent including itself are filled with electric energy. When attacking with the Nova Arrow all enemies in these squares are hit with 3 Attack dice. This may only be used 4 times a quest.

  9. Undefined Aura
    Pulling forth from himself the most holy of energies, the Ranger creates a "shield" around himself. This aura makes him imperveous to all Chaos Spells, and adds one defense die to his rolls. This Aura only lasts for six rounds. It must be announce during your turn - it cannot be used when an attack is made on you. This may only be used 3 times a quest.

  10. Horadric Blast
    The Ranger summons forth the fire of Hell against its own. The Ranger casts a Ball of Flame (like the Fire Spell) that does 3 damage instead of two.

  11. True Grit
    The Ranger is tough. With this skill the Ranger has the ability to carry two crossbows. Doing so counts as having the attack dice of two crossbows.

  12. True Grit (2)
    The Ranger is the toughest of the tough. The Ranger may carry two single handed weapons. Both weapons attack together. The Hero should roll the total of both weapons against his enemies.