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Adapted from the Warhammer Quest Profession 'The Ogre Mercenary' by T. Jordan "Greywolf" Peacock

Ogres are huge, brutish creatures, standing twice as tall as a man, with features that exaggerate and expound upon the most grotesque that any of mankind's number might have. In the wars between the Empire and Chaos, most Ogres act as mercenaries, following gold and ale rather than principle. Those that happen to side with the Empire may be able to deal with Humans, Elves, and Dwarfs, but they are still always regarded with suspicion and even contempt, for even while their loyalties may be strong for their current employer, might they become foes some time in the future if the enemy offers better pay?

The Ogre Mercenary has taken leave of the battlefields to explore the dungeons in search of gold and glory. He provides sheer brute strength, always a useful commodity in any party of Heroes.

2 Red Dice
Attack Dice
Defense Dice
Body Points
Mind Points

Weapon - Club
Armor - None

Ogres are strong. They get an extra attack die above what is listed in the armory for any weapon they use.

Ogres have such low intelligence that they cannot use spell scrolls. The will ignore any that they find on a quest, leaving them for other Heroes. They can use potions, though.

Ogres are significantly larger than men, let alone Dwarfs, and therefore can't wear the same articles of armor. Unless specified by the Game Master, any armor found on a quest will be too small for the Ogre. If using the Large/Small shields from the Armory, Small Shields are too small, and Large Shields should be treated as Small ones for the Ogre. If you are just playing with regular shields, then all shields found on the quest are too small (again, unless the Game Master specifies otherwise). If the Game Master does allow the Heroes to find something large enough for the Ogre, then it will be too large for the other Heroes.

The Ogre may be a strong and terrible warrior, but these very qualities may also induce fear into any merchant he has to deal with. When an Ogre attempts to buy articles from either the Potion Shop or the Armory, roll one red die. On a roll of 1-2 the Merchant sees the Ogre coming and quickly closes up shop. The other Heroes will not buy items for the Ogre.

If the Armory is open, the Ogre must pay twice the normal sale value to purchase armor, since it must be made especially large to fit him. If you are allowing the Heroes to resell items, the Armory will buy back the Ogres armor at the same price as paid to other Heroes; i.e. he does not get half price, but only one quarter (while it is bigger with more material, there are very few Ogre customers so the Merchant will not pay as much).

Ogres may use all weapons available to the other Heroes except for daggers and staffs. Daggers are too small and get lost in the Ogre's hand, and staffs are too flimsy for his great strength. Because he is so strong, the Ogre may wield any two-handed weapon with one hand. If you are using the rule that a crossbow may only fire once every other turn, ignore this rule for the Ogre. He is so strong that he may cock it and fire in the same turn.

If a pit is encountered that occupies a single space, the Ogre is too large to fall in. Rather, he is only tripped by the trap, losing his next turn while he gets back up. He does not take any damage from the fall.

If a quest calls for the Hero to roll a red die to attempt something involving strength, such as breaking down a door, the Ogre should add two points to his die roll.

The Ogre, due to his size, can pull other Heroes from any pit that requires ropes to get out of.

The Ogre Mercenary may train like a Barbarian at the Heroes Guild to raise his stats (see the Advancement Page for more information).

The Ogres low intelligence does not allow him to learn any special skills like the other Heroes.