Finding HQ


by Brady O'Malley

The Goblin Slave was just one of the many that were captured in a Quest against them. A Goblin Slave has the know how to repair/disarm/create traps. The Empire also trains them as a clean up crew against weak enemies. There are very good at following the orders of their masters.


Attack Dice:


Defend Dice:


Body Points:


Mind Points:



2 Red Dice

Starting Weapon:


Starting Armor:

Leather Tunic

Starting Item:




Goblins are weak, therefore they may not use the following weapons: Bastard sword, Long sword, Battle Axe, Staff, and crossbow.

Goblins have a few drawbacks: no armor, no heavy weapons, and must be within 8 spaces of any other Hero. If the Goblin get more than 8 spaces from another Hero the Goblin is lost and is said to have joined with Chaos.

The Goblin is some what intelligent and may use the resources around him. Twice per quest he may use this skill to attempt to build a machine; roll 2 red dice to see what he pulls together. The Goblin can repair broken machines using the Grot Rigger skill (table 2).

Machine Creation Chart

  1. Da 'uge Choppa
    In the dust you find the remains of a great axe. "With a wee bit of experimentation..."

    The Goblin pulls up old broken axes, a few gears, and a some metal plates. He takes the stuff and turns into a rolling buggy with axes chopping. With the buggy a character may add 1 extra die to his movement roll. The axes on the front allow the Goblin to attack with 4 Combat dice.
    The buggy is a little unstable so each turn you must roll a red dice:

  2. War Buggy
    "Well, what we got here?"

    The Goblin finds old armor, some broken arrows, sticks, and other miscellaneous discarded equipment. The buggy that is created may only be driven by the Goblin or a Dwarf. The buggy is mounted with a crossbow, which may be used by the driver to attack his enemies with 3 Attack dice. The buggy again adds 1 extra move dice. The buggy is a little untrusting so a red dice must be rolled:

  3. Dust
    You take a deep breathe. As you sigh in disappointment the dust flies up.

    You find nothing salvageable.

  4. Broken
    A breeze chills the bones as bewilderment sets in.

    You find a broken weapon chosen by "ZARGON"

  5. Da Burna Boy
    "Is it getting hot in here or is it just Me?" asked the Chaos Knight as he turned in time to see the flame erupt

    The Goblin finds some metal tubes, and a bottle of flammable gas. The Goblin constructs a flamer. The flames that are produced by the flamer have a strength of 4 attack dice. With the flamer you may attack any enemy 5 squares away. The gas is a little unstable; each turn you use the flamer you must first roll a Red die. On a roll of 6 the flamer blows with a strength of 4 attack dice. You lose a Body Point for each skull rolled.

  6. Boom stick
    "What's this?" BOOM!!!
    The goblin finds black powder, small baggies, and some string. The fuse size may be set by the Goblin when he places or throws a bomb. This determines how long before the bomb will explode. The Goblin also chooses how much powder to put in the bomb - from 1 to 5 attack dice worth. The amount must be stated when the bomb is made. You find 25 Attack dice worth of powder.

  7. Da Claws
    Wow! How many daggers are there?

    The Goblin finds 4 daggers and some string. The Goblin creates claws that he straps to his hands. The claws allow him to roll 4 Attack dice. After attacking with them he must roll a Red die. The Claws are broken on a roll on a dice of 5-6.

  8. Nothingness
    You shiver as you feel the cold start to enclose your body.

    You find a big pile O' NOTHIN'!

  9. Da Flama Ting
    Look at all those magic scrolls and only little ol' me to take em'.

    The Goblin finds a weapon (roll a Red die and consult the table below to determine what weapon) and a 'Ball of Flame' scroll. The Goblin uses what little magic that he knows to enchant a weapon. Using the arcane powers of the scroll he is able to give it +1 Attack die. Note: the Goblin may choose to enchant any weapon currently owned by any Hero.

  10. Flyin' Machine
    Da plane boss da PLANE!

    The Goblin finds some lose fabric, strong wooden shafts, and some gears. The Goblin thinks to himself "well lets build a flyin' machine". The machine may only be worn by the Goblin, and the machine is very untrusting. The machine enables the goblin to fly over traps, gives him an extra attack each turn, and adds one die to his movement roll. After each turn you must roll a Red die to determine what happens to the machine.

  11. Da Musketeer
    Of course I'm one of the three musketeers!

    The goblin finds some weird stuff, and so he makes a musket! The musket has an attack strength of 3 but the defender may not roll defense dice because the bullet pierces the armor of the defender. Sadly the gun is a wee bit unstable. Before it is fired the Goblin must roll 1 Red die:

The Grot repair table (table 2)

When attempting to repair a broken item, roll 1 Red die to see the effects.