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Converted from 'Executioner', a Warhammer Quest Profession by David Joria

Though fierce warriors are common, few are so cruel that they delight in the death of others. Executioners are of this type. Sometimes Executioners join the party because they thirst for justice, some because they hate evil, and others for the money. All, though, fight because they enjoy killing.

Executioners are always Human

Weapon: Short Sword
Armor: None

The Executioner may use any weapon or armor open to the Barbarian.

Movement: 2 Red Dice

The Executioner may train at the Heroes Guild like a Barbarian to increase his stats (see the Advancement Page for more information).

Special Skills:
All Executioners have the skill The Hand Of Justice. The Hand of Justice
This skill may be used once per quest level. When the Executioner declares that he is using this skill to attack a monster, he rolls one red die. If the number is equal to or greater than the monster's remaining Body Points, the monster is killed. If the number is less than the monster's remaining Body Points, nothing happens and the Executioner's attack phase is over.

In addition he may learn these skills at the Heroes Guild for a cost of 3000 gold coins. The Hero then rolls two red dice, and learns the skill corresponding to the number rolled. If the Hero already knows that skill he should roll again.

A Hero can use only one skill can be used per turn. Some can last for more than one turn. If a Hero is using one of these skills, he may not use another skill until the first wears off.

2. Mighty Blow
This skill allows you to increase the number of attack dice that you roll by giving up twice that number of defense dice. For every extra attack die you must give up two defense dice for that turn. You may give up all your defense dice if wanted.

3. Doom Strike
This skill allows you to roll an extra 3 attack dice on one hand to hand combat attack. This skill may only be used once per quest level.

4. Run
This skill allows you to attempt to increase your speed. Make your movement roll, then roll 1 red die. On a roll of 5-6 your movement roll is doubled.

5. Glance
This skill allows your Executioner to try to switch a blow from himself to another enemy. If there is an enemy, besides the one making the attack, adjacent to the Executioner then he may use this skill. Roll one red die. On a roll of 6 the blow glances off the Executioners armor, and the force drives the weapon into the other enemy! This may not be used with magic or missile attacks.

6. Endure
This skill allows you to ignore the Wounds from a single attack by an enemy that might otherwise kill you. It can only be used if you have no healing potions, and nullifies the monster's attack.

7. Duckback
If, after the end of your movement turn, monsters are placed on the board and surprise or ambush you, you may move back up to 5 squares to a different position.

8. Ambidextrous
Your Executioner may use a weapon in each hand. Each weapon must be usable in only one hand, and any extra long weapon that allows the user to reach into an extra square, such as a halberd or a spear, cannot be used.

If a Executioner has a weapon in each hand, he does not have a free hand to use a potion. To do so, he must either drop a weapon, in which case it cannot be picked back up until the current combat phase is over, or else spend a turn sheathing a weapon, during which no attack can be made. If an Executioner using two weapons loses all his Body Points and must drink a potion in order to survive, a weapon of his choice is considered dropped.

9. Quick Timing
This skill allows your Executioner to avoid ambushes and sneak attacks. If Monsters appear on the board to ambush or surprise the Hero, he may move one extra square to avoid the attack.

10. Frenzy
Each turn, before combat, the Executioner may attempt to become frenzied and enter a state of utter rage for one turn. Roll one red die and use the chart below to determine the outcome.
Die Roll Outcome
Your Warrior attempts to enter a Frenzy, but is unable to.
Your Warrior enters a slight state of Frenzy, and is able to roll an extra attack die. Unfortunately this impairs his ability to defend himself, and loses a defense die also.
Your Warrior enters a great Frenzy, slashing and hacking all enemies in sight. He is able to attack twice on this turn. Unfortunately this impairs his ability to defend himself, and loses two defense die.

11. Rapid Fire
Roll 1 red die when using this skill. You may make that number of bow attacks on your turn. This skill may be used with a regular bow or a crossbow, and may only be used once per quest level.

12. Blood Fever
This skill allows you to make a single Blood Fever attack. Roll your normal attack dice. If you succeed in killing the monster, you may move 4 additional squares to another monster and make another Blood Fever attack. If you fail to kill the monster, you may try again by trading one of your defense die for an extra attack; otherwise your attack ends. Roll all your attack dice on this extra attack. You may try again on this enemy or another as long as you have defense dice to trade. If you succeed in killing the monster with this extra attack, you may move 4 squares and attack again. Your attack continues until you fail to kill an opponent. You lose the traded defense dice only until your next turn, even if no attacks are made against you before then.