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This character was converted from 'The Imperial Engineer', a Warhammer Quest Profession by T. Jordan 'Greywolf' Peacock.

The Empire is the home of the School of Engineers, a college of tinkers who are forever coming up with wondrous, though sometimes unwieldy, weaponry and gadgets for use by the forces of the Empire.

A great deal of testing is required in order to prove a new weapon's worthiness for use in the military. The Chief Engineers believe that nothing beats actual use in a hostile environment. To this end the Engineer is called to take the newest of the Schools Devices on quests, testing their use and readiness for the military.

While the Engineer's Devices are costly to maintain and often unreliable, they can pack quite a punch against the opposition when they do manage to work!

Engineers may be either Dwarfs or Humans.


Movement: 2 Red Dice
Attack: 2
Defend: 2
Body Points: 7
Mind Points: 6

Movement: 2 Red Dice
Attack: 2
Defend: 2
Body Points: 6
Mind Points: 6

Note that Dwarf Engineers have all the normal traits found in Dwarfs.

Engineers may train to raise their statistics like Barbarians and Dwarfs (see the Advancement Page for more information), but the must gain at least three new Devices before they do so. Thereafter they may train twice (but do not have to) after every Device they gain. Dwarf Engineers do not visit the Runesmith to place runes on their weapons like regular Dwarfs do, as they disdain any use of magic.

An Human Engineer may use any items that a Barbarian may use, and a Dwarf Engineer any items that a Dwarf may use.

Weapons - The Engineer starts with a shortsword.
Armor - None
Other - The Engineer starts questing with a Magical Bag Of Device Holding. This enables him to carry all the bulky inventions that he is required to test while questing. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to carry anything else besides Devices.

Engineers may use magical items. However, they will not use magical weapons, as an Engineers mission is to test the feasibility of the experimental devices he carries. To use magical weaponry to fight monsters with would only cast a shadow upon the effectiveness of these innovative machines. If he finds any magical weapons, he will keep it for himself, destroying it between quests.

Besides his Devices, an Engineer may carry and use normal weapons. Other Heroes, though, may not use the Engineer's Devices.

Switching and Holding Weapons:
Only one device may be held by the Engineer at a time. Some devices may be held in a single hand. If this is the case he may hold a regular weapon in the other, although he may attack with only one per turn. If the Device is held in two hands, the Engineer must sheath his regular weapon.

If an Engineer still has a working Device, he will always enter battle with it in hand. he will attempt to use it before switching to another Device or a regular weapon.

Switching Devices, or putting away or retrieving a Device or weapon counts as an attack (the Engineer may make no attack while doing this). If the Engineer is attacking with a single handed Device and a regular weapon, he must first attempt to use the Device to attack, after which he may use the regular weapon without missing an attack.

When using a single handed Device, the Engineer may also hold a shield instead of a regular weapon. When using a two handed device, he must put the shield away, which counts as an attack turn.

Repairing A Broken Device:
Broken Devices can be fixed in two ways - 1) take them to the School of Engineers between quests, where the other Engineers will fix the Device for free, or 2) try to attempt repairs using a Spare Parts packet.

Spare Parts packets can be bought from the Tinkers shop between quests. To fix a broken Device while questing the Engineer must have at least one Spare Parts packet. Roll one red die to determine the outcome of the repair.

Die Roll Outcome
The attempt fails utterly, and the Spare Parts where wasted to no effect.
The repair job fails, but the Spare Parts were not used up.
You may try again on another turn.
Success! You used up the Spare Parts, but the Device is fixed.

On a roll of 1 or 6 you should deduct one from the Spare Parts tally on your Character sheet.

To attempt to make repairs on a Device, there must be no enemies in the same room or passage as the Engineer. Repairing takes an entire turn, during which the Engineer may not move, search, attack, or defend, even if the repair job was unsuccessful.

Destroyed Devices:
Some Chaos Spells, such as Rust, destroy weapons. If one of these is cast on a Device, it is considered Destroyed. It may not be fixed while questing; it can only be fixed between quests by taking it back to the School of Engineers. The other Engineers will fix the Device for free.

Water And Devices:
The Devices that an Engineer carries are made of steel, and tend to rust when immersed in water, as happens from time to time while questing. If this happens, the Engineer should roll a red die for each Device. A rusted Device should be considered a destroyed Device.

Die Roll Outcome
The Device is rusted.
The Device escapes harm.

If a Device has been immersed in Miracle Oil, it only rusts when a 1 is rolled.

The Tinkers Shop:
The Engineer may visit the Tinkers Shop between quests and purchase the following items:

Spare Parts 100 gold coins
Miracle Oil 200 gold coins

Spare Parts must be purchased if the Engineer wishes to attempt to make field repairs on his Devices.

Miracle Oil is a pricey but effective lubricant which makes Devices work with greatly improved performance. Miracle Oil may be placed on a Device at any time, but only lasts until the end of the quest. If a Device soaked in Miracle Oil breaks or fails to work when used, the Engineer may reroll the die, but must accept the outcome of the second roll, whether for better or worse. Miracle Oil also helps prevent Devices from rusting when immersed in water.

Engineers do not gain new skills. Instead they gain the use of a new Device, created by the College of Engineers, to test while questing. Engineers start off with one Device, Boswell's Double Dart Slinger, and gain the use of new Devices by proving they have adequately tested the ones already provided. They do this by bringing gold to the Chief Engineers. The gold coins prove the Engineer has spent time in the dungeon testing the device, and also provide needed funds to help develop new inventions. When an Engineer gains a new Device, he may still keep and use any Devices he already had.

Boswell's Double Dart Slinger
With a thump the machine spits out two darts, which hit two different Orcs standing at different ends of the room.

This small machine may be held in a single hand. It shoots two darts at the same time. The darts must be aimed at any enemy within line of sight of the Engineer, and both darts may be shot at different enemies or the same one. Each dart does one attack die of damage. This Device is a range weapon, and may only be fired at Monsters at least two squares away and no more than 10 squares away.

When using this device, first the Engineer should select a target for the first dart, and then the second. Next he should roll one red die.

Die Roll Outcome
When you pull the trigger, the device cracks with a loud noise.
It is broken.
When you pull the trigger, both darts jam.
You spend the turn un-jamming the device and may not attack.
When you pull the trigger, only the first dart fires.
When you pull the trigger, only the second dart fires.
When you pull the trigger, both darts fire.

Additional Devices:
The Engineer may gain these other Devices from the College of Engineers between quests for a cost of 3000 gold coins. The Hero then rolls two red dice, and gets the Device corresponding to the number rolled. If the Hero already has that Device he should roll again.

A Hero can use only one Device per turn. Some Devices are effective for more than one turn. If a Hero is using one of these Devices, he may not use another until he either breaks off the attack with the first, the Monster escapes, or the Device breaks. If an Engineer attempts to use a Device and it breaks, his attack turn is over.

2 Melron's Field Repair Kit
You sit down and quickly fix the broken Device. You are ready to enter battle once again!

You may use this Device, plus a Spare Parts package, to almost guarantee success in repairing a Device. When using it, roll one red die. On a roll of one the Field Repair Kit has broken. On any other role the broken Device is repaired. If the Field Repair Kit is broken then it and any other broken Device must be repaired in the regular way.

3. Hochland Repeater Crossbow
This weapon was developed from the hunting crossbows of Hochland, and is very accurate over great distances.

This two handed range weapon is able to fire up to six different crossbow bolts at any target or targets up to twenty squares away. When using it the Engineer must first roll one red die. On a roll of one the Device breaks. Otherwise he may roll two attack dice for his first bolt. If he succeeds in rolling at least one skull, whether or not the monster deflects the bolt with a shield, he may fire a second bolt. If he rolls at least one skull he may fire a third, and so on until either he fails to roll a skull or all six bolts are fired. This is a fairly accurate weapon, and therefore does not have a chance of jamming. Still the School of Engineers would like to see how well it holds up under combat situations.

4. Pneumatic Shot Scatterer
This weapon fires a hail of shot consisting of scrap metal and gravel upon the enemies of the Empire.

The Shot Scatterer takes two hands to operate - one to pump the Device and another to hold it. When fired, the Engineer aims at a square within his line of sight. There must be no figures or furniture between him and this square. All figures within a 5 square by 5 square area, centered around the aimed square, are affected by the weapon. The Engineer rolls one attack die for each figure in this area, whether they are friend or foe. The shot does not penetrate walls or go through doors.

5. Mancatcher
You slide the collar over the Chaos Warrior's head; his eyes go wide as the spikes kill him instantly.

This wicked polearm has an iron collar ringed with spring-loaded spikes which can be slipped over an enemy's head to break his neck and kill him instantly. The enemy must be exactly two squares away from the Engineer. When used, the Engineer rolls one red die:

Die Roll Outcome
You attempt to slip the Mancatcher over your targets head,
but you drop the heavy Device instead, breaking it.
You attempt to slip the Mancatcher over your target's head, but it dodges the ring at the last instant.
You manage to slip the ring over your target's head, but it slips out before you can trigger the spikes.
You do manage to inflict damage, though. You should roll two attack dice, and the monster can roll its normal defense dice.
Success! You slip the ring over your target's head, and trigger the spikes, snapping your opponent's neck.

6. Von Meinkopt's Whirling Cavalcade Of Doom
You fire at the Goblin, hitting it plus the Orc standing behind it.

This single handed range weapon has a revolving chamber holding three crossbow bolts. When the trigger is pulled, a powerful spring fires all three bolts towards a single enemy, one at a time. You may roll two attack dice for each bolt, but do so separately. If a bolt misses or is stopped by the enemy's armor, it is lost. If it hits, it passes through the enemy and may also hit an enemy behind the first. This second enemy must be in the same line of fire as the first. You may only roll one attack die for the crossbow bolt on this second attack, and it stops here, whether it hits the enemy or not. If the first enemy is killed with the bolts, any remaining bolts now hit the second enemy in line, and may pass through him to strike a third. When fired, the Engineer should roll one red die:

Die Roll Outcome
The Device snaps, breaking in your hands.
The Device jams and no bolts fire.
The first bolt fires, but the second and third jam.
The first and second bolts fire, but the third jams.
All three bolts fire.

7. Von Tropp's Spring-Assisted Chain Lasso
Your comrades couldn't help but snicker as you carried this rattling, unseemly device around through the dungeon. However, they've gained a fair measure of respect now that you've managed to single-handedly tangle a Gargoyle...

This two-handed device may be used to launch a 'chain lasso' to tangle a single opponent, rendering it incapable of movement. To use this Device the Engineer may not move or make any other actions during his turn. He aims it at an enemy, not more than 8 squares away. He then rolls one attack die. If he rolls a skull, the enemy is tangled.

A tangled enemy may not attack or move, but still rolls its normal defense dice. Its turn consists of rolling one red die to determine if it escapes. On a roll of 1-2, the enemy has escaped, breaking the Device in the process.

When the chain is fired, whether successfully or not, the Engineer must repack it before it can be used again. This takes one turn during which he may make no other actions. There may be no enemies in the same room or passage with him when he repacks the chain. If the enemy escapes from the chain and breaks the Device, he does not have to repack it, but he must attempt to fix it with a Spare Parts packet.

8. Kurstein's Whirling Blade Of Doom
You crank and crank at the handle of this device, nervous sweat gathering on your brow as the Minotaur lumbers closer. Suddenly the machine sputters and coughs, coming to life. The teeth spin along the blade's length with an ear-shattering buzzing sound. Adjusting your earplugs, you approach, grinning, as the Minotaur eyes the infernal Device with a look of abject terror.

This strange sword-machine requires two hands to operate. When used, the Engineer must begin his turn by attempting to start it. Roll one red die. On a roll of 1-3, the Device fails to start. On a roll of 4-6, the Device roars to life, and may be used to attack any enemy in an adjacent square (no diagonals) for five attack dice. If the Device fails to start, the Engineer may swing it like a regular sword for one attack die, and attempt to start it on his next turn.

Once the machine is started, the Engineer may continue using it as long as there are enemies in the same room or hallway with him. He must roll one red die, though, on every turn past the first one that he continues using the Device.

Die Roll Outcome
SNAP! The chain breaks loose, lashing at the Engineer in the process. Roll two red dice for damage, and the Engineer may roll his defense dice. The device is now broken, and is useless (it may not be swung like a regular sword) until repaired.
SPUTTER! The Device sputters and coughs, coming to a dead stop. It cannot be restarted this turn, though the Engineer may attempt to do so next turn, and may use it this turn as a regular sword for one attack die.
ROWR! The infernal Device keeps on growling and spinning normally.

The Engineer may turn the Device off at any time, and it shuts off automatically when no more enemies are present in the room or hallway. He may of course attempt to start it again on a subsequent turn.

9. Van Buren's Steaming Iron Gauntlet Of Fury
With a shrieking whistle and a puff of steam, you ram the oversized gauntlet into your enemy, assisted by the wonders of Steam Technology.

This gauntlet may be worn over one arm, allowing the Engineer to make powerful punches against his enemies. When using the Gauntlet, the Engineers other hand is free to hold another weapon or a shield. The Engineer may make a single Punch per turn, which inflicts three attack dice of damage. If all three dice show skulls, the punch was so powerful that it did three dice of damage regardless of what armor the monster is wearing (it may not roll any defense dice). Before rolling his attack dice, though, the Engineer must roll one red die.

Die Roll Outcome
KAPOW! The portable boiler on your Engineer's back explodes, scalding him and everyone, whether friend or foe, in each adjacent square (including diagonals). Each figure must roll two attack dice for damage and can make no defense dice rolls. The Gauntlet is broken and cannot be used again until repaired.
CREAK! The framework around your Engineer's arm has seized up, rendering the Gauntlet useless for the time being. If the Engineer tries to use the Device again during this combat phase, he must roll another red die. On a roll of 6 the device has cooled off enough so that it may be used normally once more. Once this combat phase is over, the device may be used again without rolling a 6.
The Gauntlet works normally.

10. Geobaldi's Swinging Spiked Juggernaut
Aided by mechanically-shifted counterweights, you swing the pole about, sweeping the huge spiked ball in a wide arc about yourself. Your opponents scarcely have time to think of dodging before the solid device relentlessly slams into them.

This two-handed weapon looks like an oversized ball-and-chain, but it is cleverly counterweighted so that the Engineer can make a great sweeping attack. With this weapon he may start by attacking a single adjacent model, and finish up sweeping all figures standing next to him.

The Engineer picks a target, then rolls 3 attack dice. If he rolls no skulls, the Monster has dodged his attack. If he rolls 1 or 2 skulls the Monster may roll his normal defense dice. If the Engineer rolls three skulls, the hit was so solid that the monster may roll no defense dice.

Regardless of whether the target was hit or not, the ball continues swinging in a clockwise fashion, moving through all squares adjacent to the Engineer, including diagonal squares. If a figure is in one of these squares, including other Heroes, the Engineer must roll three attack dice against them also. The attack continues until either all eight squares adjacent to the Engineer are swept with the weapon, or the weapon hits a wall. If this happens, the Device breaks and must be repaired using a Spare Parts package.

At the end of the swing, if the Device was not broken against a wall, the Engineer must roll one red die. On a roll of 1 the counterweights snap badly out of place, throwing the Engineer off balance and breaking the Device. It must be repaired using a Spare Parts package.

Due to the precarious balance of this weapon, the Engineer cannot move and attack with it in the same turn. He must also be balanced on solid ground when using the Device, and cannot use it from a non-solid footing, such as a swinging bridge.

11. Fragonard's Dreadful Ensnaring Hook Halberd
The polearm looks ordinary enough, and at first it seems that you are a lousy aim with it, missing your target completely. However, with a flick of the wrist, you bring the 'hook' back toward your opponent, which mechanically pops out to snare your enemy's leg, then pops back in again, knocking him off his feet.

This is a two-handed weapon. It may be used as a regular Halberd, giving the Engineer a weapon with three attack dice that can attack diagonally and can reach a Monster up to two squares from the Engineer. However, the mechanical hook throws the balance of the weapon off. Each time the Engineer uses it as a normal weapon he must roll one red die. On a roll of 1-2, it slips out of his hands after the attack, and he must spend a turn either picking it up or getting another weapon, during which he may not attack.

Once per turn, in addition to the normal attack, the Engineer may attempt to use the Ensnaring Hook. He must roll one red die:

Die Roll Outcome
The hook flies off from the Halberd, rendering the weapon useless. It is broken and must be fixed with a Spare Parts kit. It cannot be used as a regular weapon until it is fixed.
You attempt to hook your enemy's leg, but miss.
You have succeeded in knocking your enemy off his feet! He defends against any attacks made against him during the remainder of the turn with 1 fewer defense die than normal, and cannot attack or move on his turn because he is getting up.

12. Delaugh's Marvelous Arm Of Long Reaching
Cranking the two handles, you send the claw shooting out, attached to a metal arm that telescopes outward, thrusting towards your enemy at a distance.

This weapon takes two hands to operate. The Engineer may place a weapon in its claw, and use it to attack an enemy up to 4 squares away.

Before attacking, the Engineer must roll one red die. On a roll of 1 you crank the handles, but the claw falls to the floor with a clank. You cannot use the Device again until you fix it with a Spare Parts package, and must take a turn to retrieve your weapon. Otherwise you may roll the attack dice for the weapon you placed in the claw. If no weapon is placed in the claw, it does one dice of damage by 'punching' the opponent.