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These skills were converted from the Warhammer Quest Rulebook

The Barbarian may advance his stats (see the Advancement Page for more info).

Barbarians can learn one skill between each quest. Skills cost 3000 gold coins to learn. The Barbarian must roll 2 red dice. The number beside each skill corresponds to the dice roll. If the Barbarian already knows that skill he may roll again.

Unless othewise noted, a Barbarian may only use one skill per turn and one skill at a time.

2. Hunter's Eye
Taking careful aim, you rapidly let fly a volley of arrows into the enemy ranks.

If you are using a regular bow (not a crossbow), you roll 1 red die when using this skill. You may fire this many arrows into your enemies.

3. Battle Blades
Your sword screams as it cuts the air in a blurred arc, cutting through bone and armor like butter.

When using this skill, roll a red die. On a roll of 1-3, nothing happens. On a roll of 4-6 you gain an extra attack. This skill can only be used on the first turn when facing a new group of enemies.

4. Battle Rage
Consuming rage overcomes you and you go completely Berserk, slashing and hacking at your foe.

Once per quest level, you may use this skill to give you two attacks per turn, but you lose half your defense dice. Round down, but you always get at least one defense die. The Battle Rage lasts until no more enemies are in the same room as you or in your line of sight.

5. Run
Given the desperation of your situation you summon hidden reserves of energy to speed you on your way.

This skill allows you to attempt to increase your speed. Make your movement roll, then roll 1 red die. On a roll of 5-6 your movement roll is doubled.

6. Ignore Wounds
Although the pain from your Wounds is screaming along every nerve, you somehow manage to stay conscious and fight on.

This skill allows you to stay upright and active even when your Body Points reach zero. As soon as a blow takes you to zero Body Points, roll 1 red die. On a roll of 5-6, you gain an extra Body Point. This skill can only be used if you have no Potions of Healing.

7. Shield Wall
You barely manage to turn the blow as it slams towards you, glancing it off your shield with a flick of your wrist.

This skill allows you to catch the impact of a single blow on your shield, deflecting all the damage that it may have caused. If you roll no shields on a defense roll, you can use this skill to block all skull rolls your enemy made on the attack. It can only be used once per quest level, and only if you have a shield.

8. Duckback
Sensing the danger of your situation, you pull back from combat and find a better position.

If, after the end of your movement turn, monsters are placed on the board and surprise or ambush you, you may move back up to 4 squares to a different position.

9. Sixth Sense
You sniff the air and listen intently for the telltale signs of the Monsters that wait to ambush you in the next room.

At the end of your movement turn, if you are directly before a closed door, you may use this skill to see what lies within. Roll one red die. On a roll of 5-6 all monsters in the room are placed on the board.

10. Reaction Strike
An Orc lurches out of the darkness towards you. No sooner have you caught sight of its huge bulk than your sword is out and ready to strike.

This skill allows you to make one immediate attack on a single Monster as soon as it is placed on the board next to you. If there is more than one eligible monster you may chose which one you want to attack. The attack is in addition to any attack you would make in normal combat. This skill is an instinctive reaction to being ambushed.

11. Grapple
Dropping your weapon to one side you lunge at your opponent and throw your arms around his chest in a bear-hug, squeezing his lungs and choking him.

This skill allows you to grapple your enemy rather than attack him using a weapon. This attack replaces all of your normal attacks. On the initial grapple, roll 1 red die. On a roll of 3-6 you have grabbed your opponent. Roll 2 attack dice, plus any extra dice gained from training in strength. The monster rolls no defense dice. On the monster's turn it may try to break free by rolling 1 red die. On a roll of 1 it has broken your grapple. If it has not broken free its turn is over. On each of your subsequent turns you may either break off the attack or roll your attack dice again. You may continue grappling with the monster, and it continues to try to break free, until either it is killed, it succeeds in breaking loose, or you stop the grapple attack.

12. Brute Strength
Flexing every muscle you possess, you slam into your opponent, pushing him backwards.

This skill allows you to attempt to shove an enemy out of the way. Roll 1 red die and add this number to your current Body Points. If this number is less than or equal to the monster's current Body Points, it is too big and cannot be moved. If the total is greater than the monster's current Body Points, it is pushed back into one of the three squares behind it that is unoccupied (your choice). Having pushed your foe back, you move into the square the monster was occupying and may now make your normal attack.