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Converted from 'Amazon', a Warhammer Quest profession by "Doug"

Legend tells of an island sanctuary that lies deep within the jungles far south of the Empire. This island is rumored to be home to a race of ferocious female warriors. These warriors have been named Amazons after the river on which the island lies. Rumor tells that immortality and longevity can be found on the island, which attracts many adventurers and raiders to the Amazon stronghold.

There are many reasons why an Amazon would go forth adventuring. Sometimes an Amazon escapes from a raiding party, and begins working her way back to her homeland. Others hire themselves out as bodyguards, but their strong sense of honor require that their employees be of a noble and honorable character. This strong sense of honor means that they will suffer anything, even death, to protect their employer. Other Amazons leave their homeland to quest - to prove themselves in combat before returning to glory. Regardless, Amazons are a rare and mysterious race of warriors who are a useful addition to any party of Heroes.

Amazons are strong, yet lithe fighters. While they can use any normal, non-magical weapons, they use the same Artifacts as an Elf. They will also never wear any armor that would impede their movement.

When an Amazon first begins her training in warfare, she chooses a 'Path' - either the Path Of The Sword, the Path Of The Bow, or The Path Of The Staff. While an Amazon can use any weapon in combat, she excels at the weapon of her chosen path.

Path Of The Sword
You have trained all your life with a broadsword, and wield it more effectively than other warriors. You may roll an extra attack die when fighting with this weapon.

Path Of The Bow
Training day and night with your bow, you have become an expert at shooting with a bow. When using any type of bow in combat, you may shoot it at twice the normal rate. If playing that a crossbow may only be shot 1 every other turn, the Amazon of this path may shoot it once a turn and other bows twice a turn. Otherwise she may shoot twice a turn with all bows.

Path Of The Staff
You have mastered both offensive and defensive fighting styles with a staff. You may roll an extra attack and defense die when using one in combat.

Amazons are always Female Humans.

Movement: 2 Red Dice
Attack Dice: Depends on the weapons they receive in their chosen path
Defense Dice: 2
Body Points: 7
Mind Points: 4


Path Of The Sword - Broadsword
Path Of The Bow - Short Bow and Dagger
Path Of The Staff - Staff

Armor: None

Amazons may train at the Heroes Guild as a Barbarian to raise their stats (see the Advancement Page for more info).

The Amazon may learn these skills at the Heroes Guild for a cost of 3000 gold coins. The Hero then rolls two red dice, and learns the skill corresponding to the number rolled. If the Hero already knows that skill he should roll again.

A Hero can use only one skill can be used per turn or in between quests. Some can last for more than one turn. If a Hero is using one of these skills, he may not use another skill until the first wears off.

2. Mighty Blow
Once per quest level, the Amazon may roll twice her normal attack dice.

3. Trance
Once per quest level, the Amazon may enter a trancelike state and regain two Body Points, doing nothing else for that turn.

4. Dance Of Death
When using this skill, the Amazon may move, attack, move again, attack again, and so on. She may spread her attack dice out, rolling only some of them against several foes. She may not move past what is rolled, and may not roll more than her normal attack dice number. She may not continue moving after her attack dice are spent, but may still attack enemies once her movement squares are used.

5. Leap Of Death
The Amazon may leap over an enemy into an empty square behind the monster. This leap only counts as one square of movement.

6. Parry
The Amazon uses this skill to deflect the blows of her enemies. When she is hit by a foe, she rolls one red die. On a roll of 6, all that enemies skulls on its attack dice missed.

7. Battlelust
This skill allows the Amazon to trade some or all of her defense dice for extra attack dice. For every two defense dice traded, she gains an extra attack die. The effects of this skill last for only one turn.

8. Negotiating Skill
In between quests, your Amazon may use this skill to negotiate with merchants. She may by any number of a single item from either the Armory or Potion shop for half the normal price.

9. Amazon Battle Cry
With a howl and a scream, your Amazon enters combat striking fear into all opposing her. Roll one red die for each monster. On a roll of 4-6 the monster is scared and forfeits all movement for its next turn, although it may still attack and defend. This skill does not work on the Undead.

10. Herblore
Your Amazon has learned many uses for herbs. In between quests, your Hero may use this skill to make a useful potion, to be used at any time while questing. Roll one red die. On a roll of 1-3 your Amazon has made a healing potion. On a roll of 4-6 she has made a potion of poison, that may be used to coat a bladed weapon of hers or a companion's, giving it an extra attack die during the next time it is used in combat.

11. Trance Of Death
Your Amazon may use this skill to stave off death after she has reached 0 Body Points and has no potion of healing. She gains an extra body point and can continue fighting. This skill may be used only once per quest level.

12. Path Weapon Skill
When your Amazon rolls a 12, she gains training in the weapon of her Path. She may roll an extra attack die when using this weapon. This skill is cumulative, and she gains an extra attack die every time she rolls a 12.