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Castles, Keeps, and Storage Sheds

Supplemental Rules For HeroQuest

by ChaosOrc@aol.com

This is an idea that I had while playing HeroQuest. It limits the Heroes on how much they can carry and if they want to get new items they either have to store it or keep it in a storage area.

Each Hero is allowed to carry a certain amount of gold, armor, weapons, and items. All Heroes can carry the same amount. If a Hero goes over the limit they either have to leave it behind or give it to another Hero to carry.

New Character Sheet:
I do not have a scanner so I can't show you the one I have made but I can give a good description on how to make one.

A. Draw a human outline. Draw lines from each of the following: head, arms, hands, body, knees, and feet. These are to write the items that the Hero is currently wearing. I use several new types of armor, you can email me for details. The Hero can have a helmet on his head, armbands on his arms, rings or gauntlets (the Hero cannot have both) on his hands, kneepads on his knees, and boots on his feet.

B. Make a section on the paper for Attack and Defense Dice, and Mind and Body Points. The Hero's stats go here.

C. Draw a backpack and a gold pouch. The backpack can carry of maximum of 10 items. The gold pouch may carry a maximum of 1000 gold pieces.

D. Next make a weapons section. The Hero may only carry two weapons, unless the Game Master thinks the weapons are small enough to fit in the Hero's backpack.

Storage Areas:
Eventually the Hero's are going to have too many items, too many weapons, and/or too much gold. They are going to need a place to store it. The Heroes can buy the following areas to store their items:

Storage Shed: costs 850 gold. Holds 2000 gold, 3 weapons, 2 armor, and 10 items.
Keep: costs 2500 gold. Holds 6000 gold, 5 weapons, 4 armor, and 17 items.
Castle: costs 8000 gold. Holds an unlimited amount of everything.

The Game Master may want to send monsters to attack the Heroes' castle, or Thieves to steal items from the Storage Areas. The Heroes can hire Henchmen to protect the storage areas for 50 gold coins for each quest for each Henchman. The Henchman stats are: move: 2 red dice (same as Heroes); Attack: 2; Defend: 2; Body: 5; Mind:4

Download a Character Sheet as described above.

Download a Shorage Shed Sheet for keeping track of what is in the Storage Shed.

Download a Keep Sheet for keeping track of what is in the Storage Shed.