Dark Blades Games for sale!

During the 1980's Standards Games produce one of the finest series of Medieval Tactical Combat games.
Cry Havoc!, Outremer, Siege, Viking Raiders, and Samuari Blades to name just a few
Dark Blades was one of the last of the series to see production.
It combined a well-proven Medieval combat system with additional rules for magic.
Several years ago I obtained over 50 mint copies of this game from a hobby dealer.
Now you have an opportunity to own one a copy of this out-of-print

Dark Blades
Fantasy Combat Game
by Standard Games.

Be part of the struggle between Dark Blades and the Black Fox as they fight for mastery
over the magical Island of Labrynthina!

  • Over 200 full color double sided counters with a plastic counter tray.
  • Two large full color (26" by 16" each) playing maps, The "Arena" and the "Watermill".
  • Full color map of Labrynthia island, with details of terrain, towns, and cities for campaign play.
  • Rule book with four starter scenarios, with background information of Labrynthia.
  • Two 10 sided dice
  • Play reference sheets
  • 24 Spell cards for Magic user characters
Here's a sample section of one of the 26' x 16" mapsheets...

Basic set: $30.00

---or buy the Deluxe Edition ($38.00)
and receive:

  • An additional 26" by 16" Castle mapsheet
  • A counter sheet with 200 NEW Medieval characters.

...And these are just a small selection of the over 200 full color playing counters!

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