What is RandomQuest?
RandomQuest is a new, GameMaster-less way to play HeroQuest. Dungeons are created randomly, as is monster placement and treasure.

RandomQuest is loosely based on the card system found in Warhammer Quest. It uses card decks to determine passages, rooms, monsters, and treasures. Quests from any source can be played in RandomQuest - HeroQuest quests, Advanced HeroQuest quests, Warhammer Quest quests, Dungeon and Dragons, etc.

RandomQuest was designed so that any number of Heroes can play. Solo questing is easy, as is multi-Hero parties. Players are not limited to one of each Hero, nor are they limited to the basic Heroes that came with HeroQuest.

RandomQuest Downloads
To play the game you need to download these files:

1. Rules:

You can get the rules in three different ways:

A. RandomQuest Rules in MSWord format (81KB)
B. RandomQuest Rules in ASCII Text format (32KB)
C. RandomQuest Rules in html format

2. Passages:

You need Passage Tile Cards (214KB)

These cards go with these Passage Tiles:

·  Passage Tile (14KB)             ·  Corner Tile (10KB)               ·  Tee Tile (12KB)

You will need to print several copies of each of these tiles, as detailed in the instructions.

3. Rooms:

You need these Room Cards:

·  Room Cards 1 (265KB)                    ·  Room Cards 2 (318KB)                    ·  Room Cards 3 (465KB)

·  Room Cards 4 (296KB)                    ·  Room Cards 5 (295KB)


These cards go with rooms found on this site. If you have not already done so, you will need to download these tiles:

From Dewayne's Tile Page:

·  3 Square Wide Rooms                      ·  4 Square Wide Rooms

·  5 Square Wide Rooms                      ·  6 Square Wide Rooms


From Ron Shirtz's Interior Room Tiles:

·  Abyss                        ·  Chasm                       ·  Dead End                  ·  Death Pit                   ·  Fire Bridge

·  Fountain                    ·  Power Sphere           ·  Stairs                         ·  Throne Room            ·  Treasure Room

4. Monster Cards:

You need these Monster Cards:

· Monster Cards 1 (389KB)                 · Monster Cards 2 (443KB)                

· Monster Cards 3 (462KB)                 · Monster Cards 4 (454KB)

5.  Chaos Spell Cards:

You need these Spell Cards:

            · Spell Cards 1 (382KB)                      · Spell Cards 2 (400KB)

6. Treasure Cards:

You need these Treasure Cards:

            · Treasure Cards 1 (335KB)                 · Treasure Cards 2 (352KB)

            · Treasure Cards 3 (359KB)                 · Treasure Cards 4 (344KB)

Card Backs:

If you want to create your own RandomQuest cards, you can download the card backs here:

· Card Backs (339KB)

RandomQuest Additions

These is the area to find new cards, quests, and so forth for RandomQuest.

Artifact Cards:

· Artifact Cards 1 (331KB)                   · Artifact Cards 2 (268KB)                  

These cards allow Heroes to randomly gain Artifacts.

Monster Cards:

· Monster Cards 1 (420KB)                 · Monster Cards 2 (430KB)                 · Monster Cards 3 (406KB)

· Monster Cards 4 (410KB)                 · Monster Cards 5 (352KB)                 · Monster Cards 6 (365KB)    

These cards provide 40 new, more powerful monsters using the standard HQ figures.

Chaos Spell Cards:

· Chaos Spell Cards 1 (382KB)            · Chaos Spell Cards 2 (410KB)            · Chaos Spell Cards 3 (334KB)

These cards provide 17 new Chaos Spells.  Many of them are used by the additional monster cards above.


Cave And Mine Tiles:                                                                                                                                   

· Cave/Mine Cards 1 (511KB)                         · Cave/Mine Cards 2 (550KB)                                                                                                 · Cave/Mine Rules in MSWord Format                                                                                                                      · Cave/Mine Rules in Text Format                                                                                                                               · Cave/Mine Rules in html Format

These cards allow you to play RandomQuest with Ron Shirtz’s Cave and Mine tiles.  To use these cards in RandomQuest you will need to download these tiles:

· Cave Passages           · Cave Fork                  · Long Passage             · Four Rooms                                                     · Spiral Room               · ‘S’ Room                   · Cave Room 1             · Cave Room 2                                               · Cave Room 3             · Cave Room 4             · Cave Room 5             · Straight Track                                              · High Octane Track     · Curve                         · Y-Track


New Room Cards:

             · New Room Cards 1 (554KB)                     · New Room Cards2 (615KB)

To use these cards in RandomQuest you will need to download these tiles by Ron Shirtz:

            · Crocodile Pit              · Boiling Cauldron         · Pit Of Doom               · River Of Lava

And you will need to download these tiles by Ken O’Brien:

· Unholy Altar               · Pharaoh’s Tomb         · Small River                 · Small Den                                                    · Lava Falls                   · Large Lava Room       · Great Hall                   · Large Secret Room                                      · Big Room                   · Rocky Room              · Tomb Room               · The Void                                                         · Small Cell                   · Water Room              · Dungeon


RandomQuest Additions - Coming Soon
These are RandomQuest additions that I have already begun work on. They should be posted here in the coming weeks. These are listed in no specific order. 

            · New Quests                                       · Quest Generator                                            


RandomQuest – In The Works

These are RandomQuest additions that are planned, but work has not yet begun on them.  Conversion plans are new quests, spells, monsters, and treasures based on these games:

            · Conversions of MB’s Quest Packs                 · Conversion of Advanced HeroQuest

            · Conversion of Warhammer Quest                   · Conversion of DarkWorld

            · Conversion of DragonStrike                            · Conversion of the Quests found on my page.



RandomQuest Questions


Why did you create RandomQuest?
Sometime ago I realized that I had never played HeroQuest as the Hero. I was always the GameMaster, and it just didn't work out that others could be him.

I also wanted an way to play HeroQuest without all the preparation that goes into a normal game - quest creation can take quite a while. I wanted a way to play a game with little or no advanced notice.

Why didn't you use any of the random and/or solo HQ rules available on the internet?
There are many good rules for solo/random play available. Mitchel Hansinger has a good set on his
HeroQuest Resources Page. The only problem that I had with most of these rules is that they relied on tables to generate rooms and monsters. I wanted an easy way to add a new tile into the set, or take some out. What if you got a new monster figure - you would have to re-work the tables. What if you only wanted to play the game with Undead? 'Greenskin' monsters? Only Orcs? Again, a bunch of table changes.

What I was after with RandomQuest was a quick way to set up the game for any type of monster, quest type,
treasure type, etc.

Why did you make the cards for RandomQuest so large?                                                     Two reasons, really.  The first is because on several of the cards there is so much text that is was hard to fit on the standard ‘HeroQuest’ sized cards.  The second is that I have been playing the game with my son, who is in the second grade and had an easier time reading the text at a 10 point font size than at the smaller 8.  I needed the cards to be larger for this larger font.  If the cards are too big for your personal tastes, you may want to reduce the size before printing them.