Working Stiff Productions proudly presents
Graphic Artist Ron Shirtz's
Sci-Fi Series RPG tiles

The following tiles are available on CD for $10

Tech Floors

Tech Floors

Four 8.5" x 11" mapsheets of tech floor tiles.
10 straight sections, 6 corners, 2 "T" sections, 2 intersections, and 1 "Y" sections---21 tiles in all!
Perfect for Star Wars RPG, Space Hulk, Space Crusade, and other Sci-Fi games.

Freighter Brandy's Lament

The Space Freighter "Brandy's Lament"

Two 11"x 17" mapsheets make up this full color and beautifully detailed
game tile of a futuristic space freighter----almost three feet long
Comes with an two-page technical sheet with stats and scenario ideas.

Check out these pictures of Brandy's Lament in action
at a Wellington Warlords game convention in New Zealand

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