Working Stiff Productions proudly presents
Graphic Artist Ron Shirtz's
Classic Fantasy Series RPG tiles

Sorry, these tiles are discontinued and no longer available

Kjells Canyon

Kjells Canyon

With the horde of Orcs hot on their heels, the adventurer's saw the cliffs of Kjells Canyon up ahead.
If they could make it across the bridge, they could cut the ropes suspending it over the canyon
and escape their enemies.

The rope bridge over Kjells Canyon was the Orc's first line of defense into their kingdom,
and the Chieftain was not about to let the warriors use it to escape.
Pausing in the chase, he called his Shaman to his side, and together they prepared a surprise...

Halfway across the bridge, the adventurers knew that they had escaped.
The nearest Orc would not reach them before they had gained the far side of the canyon.
They could cut the ropes holding up the bridge and be free of their pursuers.
Suddenly, before their eyes, twin fireballs burst on the ropes, burning through them and collapsing the bridge,
with them on it!

Do the adventurers fall into the river that snakes its way through the canyon?
Can they hold on to the pieces of the bridge and climb back to the top?
Which side do they end up on?
Two 10" x 16" full color tile set.

Riddle In The Sands

The Riddle In The Sands

With a freshening wind filling her sails, the merchant ship
Dame Wilhelma cast off from her berth at Falstaff harbor.
Captain Markus and his crew were headed to Port Fustansel,a six day voyage.
They never arrived.

Following a fortnight of searching by fellow merchant ships
and Imperial fleet vessels, she was officially declared lost at sea.
Speculation ran rife among the local sailors and captains at the cause of her disappearance.
Except for the occasional mild squall, the weather was excellent during the period of her trip.
The Imperial fleet constantly patrolling the trade routes made piracy very unlikely, if not impossible.
The Dame Wilhelma's captain and crew were esteemed as a seasoned and skilled crew.
What could have happened to them?....

...Three thousand leagues away, in the Harokin desert, a pair of proud Bedouins raced
each other with their powerful stallions toward a nearby dune.
Reaching the dune's crest, the faster of the two suddenly reigns in his panting steed.
Before his unbelieving eyes is the sight of a sailing ship aground in the desert sand!
His late arriving companion is equally stunned
at the incongruous vision of the ship marooned in an ocean of sand.
Recovering from their initial shock, these two brave sons of Mohammed
dismount from their horses and commit their fate and fortune to the will of Allah.
Drawing sharp scimitars made of fine Damascus steel from within their robes,
the two Bedouins head towards the mysterious Dame Wilhelma....
Three 10" x 16" full colored tiles

Smuggler's Cove

Smuggler's Cove

Illuminated by flickering torchlight, this undersea harbor has been used for generations
by pirates, slavers, smugglers, partisans, mercenaries, and the
occasional villian who wants to take over the world.
The entrance is secured by a large portcullis that is opened and closed by a powerful handcranked winch.
Previous owners have encouraged sharks to dwell in the underground harbor by feeding them table scraps
and the occasional unlucky hostage whose ransom fell through!
A 10" x 16" full colored tile
The Smithworks of Khaldzudun

The Smithworks of Khaldzudun

Deep in the heart of the Dwarven mountain of Khaldzudun is a place known as the Firecore.
It is here that Dwarven craftsmiths produce the finest armour, weapons, and jewelry in all the land.
The furnace is built around a primal fire that spouts straight from the Earth's core.
A natural spring, rich in unusual minerals, provides ice cold water
to temper the heated steel of the Dwarven craftsmith's creations.
Two magical anvils, Hammersong and Knellstone, dating over a hundred generations,
imbue all the Dwarven creations with enhanced strength and power.
Guarding the approach to this sacred artifact is a pair of statues
of the great Dwarven craftsmiths Dursan and Oriel.
A 10" x 16" full colored tile

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