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Weapon Cards

New Weapons to add to your adventuring party.

The following images may be used for creating your own weapons cards
The listed stats are merely suggestions for using them in an adventure.
Please remember that all these images are copyrighted 2002 by Ron Shirtz.
They may be only used in personal gaming, and may not be sold, distributed,
posted on web sites, or otherwise used without the permission of the artist.

Fire Sword
Six combat dice, with each hit
counting double.
Doomsday Sword
Five Combat dice, every hit takes one Mind Point.
When all mind points of targeted character are gone,
that character becomes a mindless servant,
to the sword bearer!
Two-Handed Sword
Two-Handed Sword
Five combat dice in attacks,
three combat dice in defense
May use "RoundHouse" attack" against
multiple, adjacent opponents
May attack diagonally.
Cannot use a shield with this weapon.

Medium Sword
Medium Sword
Standard weapon of the
Empire Guardsmen.
Three Combat dice

Double-Bladed Axe
Short Double-Bladed Axe
Four Combat dice when wielded
by a Dwarven Warrior,
otherwise, two Combat dice.
Single Blade Axe.jpg
Short Single Blade Axe
Two Combat dice.
Long Double-Bladed Axe

"The WidowMaker"
Two-Handed Double-Bladed Axe
Four Combat Dice when attacking,
two defending.
May use "RoundHouse" attack"
against multiple, adjacent opponents.
Cannot use a shield with this weapon,
cannot be used by Dwarves.

Berserker Axe
Berserker Axe.
Three Combat dice.
This weapon has a will of it's own!
Warrior must roll 1D6 equal to or under
his/he mind points
or become posessed by
the sword's ego and go Berserk!
Add three more attack dice
when in "Berserk" mode.
Warrior will attack both friend and foe
until they roll thier
roll 1D6 equal to or under
his/he mind points.

War hammer.jpg
Three Combat dice when attacking,
two defending.
May be thrown at a target
three squares away.
Gets +1 damage in all attacks
against skeleton monsters
Three Combat Dice.
May attack diagonally
AND against opponents
two squares away.
May be thrown at a target
four squares away.

Orc Sword.
Crude but effective machete type weapon
used by the minions of Chaos. Two Combat dice.

Barbarian Sword
Outland Barbarian Sword
Four Combat dice.
Sword designed by my son, Daniel

Copyright 2002 by Ron Shirtz.