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RPG Tiles designed by Graphic Designer Ron Shirtz

Published work includes:

Tile Posters in Dragon Magazine issues 280-283.

Mark H. Walker's Lock 'n Load
Vietnam board game from Shrapnel Games

"...Graphic Wizards Ron Shirtz, who created the exquisite maps,
and Richard Caravan, who drew the vibrant counters,
have turned Mark's pioneering concept into a Work of Art..."
William H. Trotter, PCGAMER, August 2003

What RPG Gamers have said about my tiles!

Deluxe Fantasy

Classic Fantasy

Deluxe Sci-Fi

Dungeon Mazes


All images copyrighted 1998-2004 by Ron Shirtz.
Permission is granted to print copies of the images
for personal gameplay.
Images may not be sold, posted,
distributed digitally or in printed form
without the written permission of the artist.
Lord of the Rings Game Accessories
For use with GW's Lord of The Rings Battle Game
HeroQuest "Add-on" Tiles
Tiles designed for Milton Bradley's HeroQuest Game Board.
HeroQuest"Add-on" Tiles II
Yet more tiles for Milton Bradley's HeroQuest Game Board.
Lava Floor Tiles
Royal Palace Tiles
Dungeon Pits Tiles
Agin's Inn Tiles
Outdoor Tiles #1
Outdoor tiles #2
Cave Tiles
Room Tiles #1
Room Tiles #2
Ice Cavern Tiles
Mine Tiles
Dungeon Accessories
Sea Tiles
Sci-Fi Tiles
"Designing RPG Tiles"

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