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Important -- Read this Section

Terms of Use

Artwork in all of the graphics files that are available for download from this page were created by Michael Hutchings, and are copyright 2001 by him.

Although permission is granted to individual users to download images from this page, print multiple copies of the images and use them in gameplay, the images and the files which contain them are NOT in the public domain. All rights are reserved.

Individuals wishing to make any or all of these images available on a website, CD-ROM or by other means of mass distribution, whether for free or for profit, must first request permission of the copyright owner.

Tiles by Michael Hutchings

Hell's Cauldron
Hell's Cauldron (83KB)
copyright 2001 by Michael Hutchings
Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box (219KB)
copyright 2001 by Michael Hutchings