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Agin's Inn

Welcome to Agin's Inn! Just the place for Heroes to unwind after a long, ardous quest, or seeking a new one! For the price of a drink you can hear rumours of lost treasures and dangers. The partitioned booth is often used to strike deals and bargins with mysterious strangers. Fortunes exchange hands often in the ongoing card games, and free-for-all brawls occur at the drop of a hat!

You may want to use the Unarmed Combat Rules with these tiles.

Agin's Inn Agin's Guest Rooms
Agin's Inn Cellar

Agin's Inn (492KB)
copyright 2000 by Ron Shirtz.

Agin's Inn Cellar (248KB)
copyright 2000 by Ron Shirtz.
Agin's Guest Rooms (430KB)
copyright 2000 by Ron Shirtz.

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