Cave/Mine Tiles Add-On





Cave/Mine Tiles Add-On allows RandomQuest players to play in cave and mine setting. Except for the few exceptions described below, the normal RandomQuest rules are used for games using these tiles. The cave and mine tiles can also be mixed in with other tiles or used separately.


Because rooms are placed on the board when a room card is drawn, and all monsters are placed on the board when the appropriate room card is drawn, the Cave/Mine tiles add-on set is harder than regular RandomQuest. Take this into consideration when setting up the monster deck.




The only decks that are different with this set are the Passage and Room Decks.


A. Passage Tiles and Deck.

To be able to create both cave and mine settings, you

will need to print tiles and decks for both.


1. Cave Passages.

a. Long passages.

There are two different types of 'Long Passages;

the Straight Passage and Wavy Passage. You can

print any number of either, but total you need

about 15. You will need to print a card for

each tile.

b. Corners.

You can print any number of Corners, but total

you need about 5. Print a card for each tile.

c. 'T' tiles.

There are two different types of 'T' types; the

'T' and the Fork. You can print any number of

either, but total you need about 3. Print a card

for each tile.



2. Mine Passages.

a. Straight Passages.

You will need about 15 of these. Print a card

for each tile.

b. Curve Passages.

You can print any number of Curved Passages, but

total you need about 5. Print a card for each


c. 'Y' Track.

You can print any number of 'Y' Tracks, but

total you need about 3. Print a card for each



B. Cave and Mine Rooms.

There are no special Mine Rooms. The Cave Rooms should be

used instead. There are 8 different Cave Rooms, so you

may need to print off more than one of one or more of

these tiles, depending on how long of a quest you wish to

play. Print a card for each tile you use.


II. New Rules.


1.          When you draw a room card, immediately place the card on

the board. Make the monster roll described on the card,

and place any monsters on the tile. Do not make any

Fork rolls until a Hero stands on the tile.

2.          There are no closed doors in caves and mines (unless

playing with a mixed cave/dungeon deck. See instructions

for this below). When placing a room onto a cave

passage, just lay tiles together.


3.          There are no "Secret Passages" or "Secret Rooms" when using the Cave and Mine tiles. When the Heroes first enter a room, they are instructed on making "Fork Rolls" to see if there is a passage leading off the room. The passage is placed on any of the exits from the room. The other exits are considered blocked. Any Hero can attempt to dig out one of these passages during his turn. To attempt to do so, he must roll one red die. Consult the "Fork Roll" on the room card to see if he has dug out a passage. Whether or not he has dug the passage, on a roll of 1 or 6 he must draw a monster card. Make sure you split the deck (the same as in a 'T' Passage) when a Fork roll is successful.


4.          There are no steps in Caves and Mines. Instead use the Pit tile that comes with the Cave Passages tiles. To climb a pit the Heroes must have a rope (available for 25 gold coins from the Armory). If the Heroes have no rope, they must exit the Cave or Mine and purchase one.


5.          If at any time the Heroes leave a Cave or Mine, then re-enter it later, you may keep the same layout as before (you may need to make a quick map showing passages & rooms when leaving if you won't be playing for a while), but new monster rolls must be made the first time a tile is stepped on by a Hero.


6.          You may wish to use the "Light Rules" that came with the

Cave Tiles.


7.          Dwarves get a 50% movement bonus (they may roll 3 dice for movement) because they are in their home environment.


III. Using the Cave and Mine tiles with regular Dungeon tiles.


The Cave and Mine tiles can be mixed with the regular Dungeon tiles to create different types of quests. If a regular Dungeon tile is drawn, place it behind a closed door (the Heroes will know

that this is not a regular Cave Room by the presence of the door). Do not place any monsters on this tile until the door is opened.



IV. Quests using the Cave and Mine Tiles.


1. Chaos Cavern


Quest Description: A small village is being harassed by

the minions of Chaos that make their home in a nearby

cave. You have been hired by the village elders to enter

the cave and destroy all monsters you find. The villagers

will pay each of your party 10 gold coins for each monster

that you kill.


Room and Passage Decks: Use the Cave Rooms and Passages



Quest Objective: The cave is 5 levels deep. Draw a room

randomly for levels 1-4 for the quest objective room. The

Pit goes in this room. On level number five the quest

objective is the "4-Rooms' tile. Besides rolling for

monsters, each Hero should draw a monster card for this



Note: To collect their reward the Heroes must exit the



2. Escape the Mine


Quest Description: You are miners. You were deep in the

mines, digging ore, when the wall burst open beside you.

Goblins, Orcs, and Fimirs began pouring out the hole. You

must fight your way through the green-skin monsters and

reach the surface to escape.


Room and Passage Decks: Use the Cave Rooms and Mine

Passages only.


Monster Deck: Only use Goblin, Orc, and Fimir cards.


Quest Objective: The Mine is 2 levels deep, with the

Heroes starting in level 2. Draw a room randomly for

level 2, this is the quest objective room. The Pit goes

in this room. There is already a rope there - the Heroes

do not need to buy one to climb up to level 1. Draw a

room randomly for level 1. A door goes in this room when

the card is drawn, this is the exit from the mines.


Note: The Heroes are in the lower level of the mine. To

reach the town where they can buy and sell armory items

and potions, the Heroes must reach level 1. It is up to

you as players to decide if the Heroes are healed when

climbing up from Level 2 to Level 1. If you wish to allow

your Heroes to rest & regain their full Body Points and

Mind Points, this is permissable.


Alternate Levels: After reaching the surface, you may

wish to track the monsters to their lair. This is a

single level quest, using the regular RandomQuest Dungeon

tiles. The entrance is in the second level of the Mine,

in the same location where the quest began. Use the

Throne Room as Objective Room for this level. Ghurbakz,

the Orc Warlord, is sitting on his throne in this room.

He rolls 5 Attack Dice, 4 Defense Dice, and has 5 Body

Points and 6 Mind Points. Don't forget that the Heroes

will have to fight their way back down to level 2 again...


3. Cave Discovery.


Quest Description: While herding your sheep, you find a

hidden cave entrance high the mountains. You recall the

tale told to you of Franz Hellzpor's Lost Regiment. While

returning from the sack of Turlean, General Franz Hellzpor

was attacked by a Goblin Horde. He is said to have taken

refuge in a local cave, and nothing was ever seen of

the General, his soldiers, or the treasure of Turlean.

With the dream of riches in your head, you enter the


Room and Passage Decks: Use the Cave Rooms and Cave

Passages only.


Quest Objective: This quest is a "never ending" one - it

can be played for as many levels as desired. Draw a room

for the objective room - a pit always goes in it.


You may wish to play that to exit the cave, you have to

climb back up the levels. While no monsters are in these

previously explored cave passages, they will be back if

you return!


4. Destroy the Warlock!


Quest Description: The Emperor has commanded you to

attack the Warlock Sensar Deveilius's mountain fortress.

Your goal is to destroy Deveilius and his monstrous army.


Quest Layout: Levels 1-3 Fortress

Levels 4-6 Underground Dungeon

Levels 7-9 Deveilius's Cave


When you place the first passage on level 1 - place 2

doors on the tile. One is the exit from the Fortress and

is open. The second is a closed door. This door is

locked. Your information tells you that this leads to a

deep underground cave system the location of Sensar

Deveilius's laboratory. The only key is said to be on the

3rd level of the fortress. You must fight your way to the

top level, find the key, fight your way back, and enter

open the door to find Deveilius. When you reach the top

level and find the key, you can be assured that Deveilius

will have his minions waiting for you. Make new monster

rolls as described on the passage & room cards you enter

as you make your way back down to the door to the

Deveilius's laboratory.


Rooms and Passage Decks:

Levels 1-3: Create the Room deck using only these

Room tiles - 3x3, 3x4, 3x5, 3x6,

3x7, 3x8, 4x4, 4x6, 5x5, 5x6, 5x7, Cell,

Dining Hall, Dungeon, Forge,

Lab, Library, Stairs, Study. Use all

regular RandomQuest Passage tiles.


Draw one of the Room tiles listed above

randomly for the objective room

for levels 1-2. Place the stairs in

these objective Rooms. The

objective room for level 3 is the

Treasure Room. Inside the first

chest opened is the Key to the door to

level 4.


Levels 4-6: Create the Room deck using all the

Dungeon tiles listed above, plus

these tiles: Chasm, Dead End, Fire

Bridge, Pool Room, Treasure Room,

and the Fighting Pit. Use the regular

Random Quest Passage tile.


Draw a Room tile for the objective room

for these levels. The stairs to

the next level is in this room.


Levels 7-9: Create the Room deck using the Cave

Tiles. Use the Cave Passage tiles

for the Passage Deck.


Draw a room tile for the objective room

for levels 7 and 8. The Pit

goes in this level. The Power Sphere

room is the objective Room for

level 9. Sensar Deveilius is the Warlock

in this room.