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HeroQuest Board Tiles II
These tiles are made specifically for the HeroQuest Game board
to give the Zargon player new combinations of rooms.
The grids are about 9/10ths of an inch to match the grids on the HQ board.
The tiles are designed to fit inside the white borders the game board rooms.
They will work best if printed or mounted on heavy paper stock.


Stair Gallery
Designed to fit a larger room
in the center of the HQ game board

Optional Rule: Defender gets one less die defending
if on a lower step on the stairs than his opponent

Deady Grotto
Designed to fit over
the corner rooms on the HQ game board

This Monster Octopus should be
given some serious hit points
and attack dice--with multiple attacks!

Grotto Lake
Designed to fit over
the corner rooms on the HQ game board

Rendovous of smugglers, bandits, rebels,
and other such mysterious individuals.

Stone Whirlpool
Designed to fit over
the corner rooms on the HQ game board

Use this tile to make it dangerous for Heroes
to cross to the other side of a room.

Or perhaps it's a self-destruct device set
off by a evil wizard to destory the entire dungeon
(or even the World!) in so many turns. . .
--Unless the Heroes find a way to stop it!

Designed to fit over
the center room on the HQ game board

Rage against the Machine!
Have your Heroes throw a wrench into the Works of Zargon!


Spike Room
Designed to fit over
a corner room on the HQ game board

A room with rotating spikes! Just the place to make the Heroes work to get at a Treasure! At the end of each hero's movement turn, have them roll thier defense dice. Should they fail to get a least one shield result,
they suffer one point of damage.

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