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Using Other Figures For Heroquest Part 3 - Advanced HeroQuest

Advanced HeroQuest was produced by Games Workshop. Like the other three games in this series it is out of print. It has 36 different figures: the basic 4 Heroes - Warrior (instead of Barbarian), Dwarf, Wizard, and Elf. There are also 12 Humans with different weapons - swords, spears, and halberds, and 20 Skaven - mutant Ratmen. It does not come with a board; instead it has different interlocking dungeon sections and room pieces to make your own custom dungeons. There is no furniture.

The monsters are rather limited - you only get two kinds (Humans and Skaven). The figures are the slotted base type, and while most of the bases are black, there are several gray ones. You can use the gray bases for 'alternate figures', such as Skaven Champions. The figures are very well sculpted.

While I have not used the board pieces in a HeroQuest game, it can easily be done. It would be interesting to have a game were the Heroes did not know the basic shape of the board layout before the game started. For instance if the dungeon is dark and the Heroes are using torches or some other sort of light, you could only have the current section of dungeon in place. Everything else is 'in the dark' and removed from the board. Besides the dungeon passages, there are several large rooms. These are great as board overlays. One thing that I have felt that is missing from the HQ board are large rooms. The room sections that come with AHQ are 12 squares x 6, so the fit the bill for the missing large rooms.

Recommendation: The figures are great, and there are plenty of them. The only drawback that I can see is the fact that you only have two kinds of monsters - one if you don't consider Humans monsters. The game can be hard to come by, and copies that I have seen on Ebay and on rec.games.marketplace recently have sold for quite a lot. If you are looking for Skaven or Human figures, you would probably be better off buying some boxed sets.

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